Saturday 25 July 2015

NXTweet 22.07.15

NXT champion Finn Bálor finally makes an appearance on the show with the title belt. He cut a promo, signed a contract and brawled with former champion Kevin Owens. Good stuff, somehow.


Tweet 1: Watching NXT. Dedicating this to the memory of Hulk Hogan's career.
Tweet 2: "Finn Bálor returned home" - The NXT voiceover guy on Irishman Finn Bálor wrestling in Japan

Finn Bálor promo

Tweet 3: Love Bálor being hyped as a new champ even though he won the belt like a fortnight ago.
Tweet 4: Guy in the audience dressed as Hogan. #awkward

"Let me tell you something, brother!"

Tweet 5: Looking forward to the Full Sail crowd turning on Finn for daring to win the belt anywhere but there.
Tweet 6: A contract signing! YES!
Tweet 7: The gist of that promo was "I'm gonna beat Big Kev again." I reckon he probs will tbf.

Eva Marie talks to Devin Taylor

Tweet 8: Why is Eva Marie wearing one of Ric Flair's robes?
Tweet 9: Eva engaging Humble Babyface Mode here.
Tweet 10: I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to seeing her wrestle here but I am intrigued to see if she's improved.
Tweet 11: I've been predicting for weeks that she'll be way better than she was. It would be nice if she was. But y'know...

Cassie v Eva Marie

Tweet 12: Eva's stolen Nakamura's arm swings. That or she's forgotten how to do an ungimmicked walk.
Tweet 13: Eva Marie. #feelings

Good form.

Tweet 14: Eva doing a suplex and the crowd feeling they need to politely applaud.
Tweet 15: Minus points for mentioning Lance Storm, Byron.
Tweet 16: I hope Eva winning with Sliced Bread leads to Brian Kendrick returning as her on-screen manager-slash-eunuch.

William Regal and Tyler Breeze chat in Regal's office

Tweet 17: Teasing something big for Breeze at Takeover. This is where the need to announce special appearances ahead of time spoils things.

Baron Corbin v Jesus de Leon

Tweet 18: Barry Corbin wearing a T-shirt with a wolf on it to remind us all of his status as a Wolf Shaman.
Tweet 19: Arrive. End of Days. Snigger a bit. Leave.

Corbin wins via Wolf Power.

Tweet 20: They're going to force people to cheer Barry by having him go back to his mad-quick squashes aren't they?

Samoa Joe v Mike Rawlis

Tweet 21: This new music for Samoa Joe...
Tweet 22: Mike Rawlis has a touch of the Lucky Cannons about him.
Tweet 23: Random plug for Joe v Rhyno in two weeks. I like that. I wish RAW matches were advertised in advance.
Tweet 24: Hard when a crazy old man demands last minute rewrites though.

Emma and Dana Brooke talk to Devin Taylor

Tweet 25: Darth Emma talking about breaking people's spirits there. Keep it light...
Tweet 26: Looking forward to Devin Taylor slapping on a kimura when Dana pats her on the head one day. It's going to be such a Big Moment.

Emma v Bayley

Tweet 27: How about promoting Dana, Emma and Alexa Bliss to the main roster to join the Queen of Trios feud?
Tweet 28: Bayley and Emma work well together. It's like they're spurred on y the success of their peers. They want to prove they're as good.

The Force is strong in Bayley.

Tweet 29: Emma has only one person to blame for her career faltering: Santino.
Tweet 30: Bayley says she wants the championship and needs to beat the best to do it. Asks for a match with Charlotte. Charlotte's not the champ...
Tweet 31: Bayley v Sasha Banks at Takeover: Brooklyn then? I'd be down with that. Guessing Bayley would win. I'd be down with that too.
Tweet 32: Wanted Banks to have the title for ages but doesn't look like it's happening.

Charlotte talks backstage and gets interrupted by Dana Brooke

Tweet 33: Charlotte welling up at getting the chance to wrestle on proper WWE TV. Sad she doesn't mask it and elbow drop a jacket tbh.
Tweet 34: Who has more buff points: Dana Brooke or Charlotte?
Tweet 35: Charlotte needs to do more elbow drops in her promos, basically.

Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 36: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 37: Immediately missing Sawyer Fulton's headguard thing.

I never wanted to see Fulton's ears. The magic is gone.

Tweet 38: Measurements will definitely get Angelo Dawkins over.

Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss talk backstage

Tweet 39: Blake's hair. Good lord.
Tweet 40: Blake 'n' Murphy, very much the T&A to Alexa's Trish.

William Regal hosts a contract signing between Kevin Owens and Finn Bálor

Tweet 41: Mad heat for the Barclays Center. Sign it and push it as the top heel.
Tweet 42: Finn Bálor wearing trainers for a contract signing exposes the business.
Tweet 43: Love Owens' playing up his accomplishments here. It's such an obvious basic thing to do but nobody in WWE ever gets to do it.

Alex Riley run-in at Takeover? Maybe. Nothing to do with this picture though.

Tweet 44: A wrestling contract signing ending in a brawl? WHAT?!
Tweet 45: Enjoyable show, everyone. Enjoyable hustle.

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