Friday 10 July 2015

NXTweet 08.07.15

Missed the Beast in the East Network special? Don't worry, the best match got repeated on NXT, heavily edited but with its entrances and post-match happenings intact. Just what we all needed.


Tweet 1: Gonna watch some NXT.
Tweet 2: I was hoping for one of those old style forty-five minute shows. It's not to be.
Tweet 3: Kind of weird that they started by recapping the Beast in the East show but didn't mention the one match there that was relevant to NXT.
Tweet 4: Hyped for this Enzo and Cass versus Vaudevillains match tbh. They're all such great lads.

Dana Brooke and Emma v Sasha Banks and Charlotte

Tweet 5: Dana Brooke's going to wrestle in Converse. This'll definitely win people over on her. EVERYONE loves Converse.
Tweet 6: Look out, Dana's got a microphone...
Tweet 7: Love Sasha being booked to not back down from two heels.

BFF reunion.

Tweet 8: Charlotte wearing a T-shirt like her dad in the 90's ffs.
Tweet 9: Dana getting in a kick there. It was effective because of her Converse.
Tweet 10: The anti-Sasha contingent at Full Sail is absolutely sickening.
Tweet 11: Sasha Banks shoot trying to kill Dana Brooke with knees there.
Tweet 12: I liked the handful of BFFs stuff Sasha and Charlotte did there. Makes sense to do little throwbacks like that in situations like this.
Tweet 13: Banks will beat Charlotte next week. You don't need to read spoilers to know that.

Bayley chats to a camera backstage at a house show

Tweet 14: Bayley wants a title shot. And she's not afraid to compare herself to Steve Austin and Triple H to get it!

Kevin Owens v Finn Bálor, a Beast in the East repeat

Tweet 15: I've been meaning to take another look at Owens v Bálor so this works out nicely.
Tweet 16: I remember not minding Cole's commentary when I watched live. I've a feeling I may rethink that here.

Streamers, yo. They're big in Japan.

Tweet 17: I'm already missing Brennan and Graves. Imagine deciding to send one member of the NXT commentary team to Japan and picking Byron Saxton.
Tweet 18: "You think this is smart?" - Kevin Owens on streamers
Tweet 19: Didn't realise how harshly that baseball slide caught Big Kev. That looked nasty.
Tweet 20: They've edited in adverts. Presumably this is Vince trolling us, yes?
Tweet 21: Oh, and it's a way to cut the run time down too. Because why repeat this and give us the full experience, eh?
Tweet 22: We got the entrances, that's what matters.
Tweet 23: Imagine believing Owens would retain with a senton.
Tweet 24: Bálor just won off his first Coup de Gras. That tells me this was even more heavily edited than I expected.
Tweet 25: "I can't believe it. I can't believe Finn actually did it" - Byron Saxton, who's paid to make these guys sound amazing

Byron Saxton can't believe he saw this happen.

Tweet 26: They're going recap heavy. What with this and the full entrances we're getting some awful editing choices here.
Tweet 27: Hideo Itami doing a clap there.
Tweet 28: Remember that time Owens refused a handshake? Great stuff. Whadda heel.

Jason Jordan agrees to team with Chad Gable

Tweet 29: This "Ready, willing and Gable" thing will get OVER given time.
Tweet 30: Soooooo... is Chad Gable meant to have the air of a sex pest to him?

Solomon Crowe's talks about being a little monster backstage

Tweet 31: I hope Solly Crowe's being turned heel. He's flailing badly as a face. There's nothing to him.

Marcus Louis v Solomon Crowe

Tweet 32: I'm dangerously into Marcus Louis' bald madman gimmick.
Tweet 33: Solomon Crowe, who cut a promo just minutes ago saying he'd return soon, is wrestling now.
Tweet 34: This is a weird match pairing.

Loving this Marcus Luis run as a mental lad.

Tweet 35: Bit of wobble on Crowe's thighs there. Vince will be insisting on some toning.
Tweet 36: That's assuming Vince watches NXT, which I bet he doesn't.
Tweet 37: I could watch Marcus Louis roar gibberish all day.
Tweet 38: The Stretch Muffler has been renamed the Crowe Bar. Because Vince and Trips love puns.

The Vaudevillains cut a promo backstage

Tweet 39: Not a fan of Gotch speaking but I did like the black and white. Could've done with the old silent movie approach being dusted off.

Recap of Finn Bálor celebrating his title win

Tweet 40: Finn looking like a giddy mark meeting Cena there...
Tweet 41: What was the point of Cena appearing? To legitimise Finn? No thanks.

Number one contendership match: Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 42: I like both of these teams. Think I'm going to back the Vaudevillains though.
Tweet 43: They're the better team and I'm over Enzo and Cass v the Dubsteppers.

Enzo, roaring like a proud little lion.

Tweet 44: When did we last see Blake and Murphy? Feels like an age ago?
Tweet 45: Just caught a glimpse of Cass flicking his hair about. He's learnt well from the greatest big man ever, 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash.
Tweet 46: Big Kev could move like a cruiserweight. He just didn't want to.
Tweet 47: Byron just referred to "Air Enzo." Perfectly sums up why he's a poor addition to this commentary team.
Tweet 48: Good show everyone. Byron aside there was nothing but strong hustle.

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