Friday, 10 July 2015

NXTweet 08.07.15

Missed the Beast in the East Network special? Don't worry, the best match got repeated on NXT, heavily edited but with its entrances and post-match happenings intact. Just what we all needed.


Tweet 1: Gonna watch some NXT.
Tweet 2: I was hoping for one of those old style forty-five minute shows. It's not to be.
Tweet 3: Kind of weird that they started by recapping the Beast in the East show but didn't mention the one match there that was relevant to NXT.
Tweet 4: Hyped for this Enzo and Cass versus Vaudevillains match tbh. They're all such great lads.

Dana Brooke and Emma v Sasha Banks and Charlotte

Tweet 5: Dana Brooke's going to wrestle in Converse. This'll definitely win people over on her. EVERYONE loves Converse.
Tweet 6: Look out, Dana's got a microphone...
Tweet 7: Love Sasha being booked to not back down from two heels.

BFF reunion.

Tweet 8: Charlotte wearing a T-shirt like her dad in the 90's ffs.
Tweet 9: Dana getting in a kick there. It was effective because of her Converse.
Tweet 10: The anti-Sasha contingent at Full Sail is absolutely sickening.
Tweet 11: Sasha Banks shoot trying to kill Dana Brooke with knees there.
Tweet 12: I liked the handful of BFFs stuff Sasha and Charlotte did there. Makes sense to do little throwbacks like that in situations like this.
Tweet 13: Banks will beat Charlotte next week. You don't need to read spoilers to know that.

Bayley chats to a camera backstage at a house show

Tweet 14: Bayley wants a title shot. And she's not afraid to compare herself to Steve Austin and Triple H to get it!

Kevin Owens v Finn Bálor, a Beast in the East repeat

Tweet 15: I've been meaning to take another look at Owens v Bálor so this works out nicely.
Tweet 16: I remember not minding Cole's commentary when I watched live. I've a feeling I may rethink that here.

Streamers, yo. They're big in Japan.

Tweet 17: I'm already missing Brennan and Graves. Imagine deciding to send one member of the NXT commentary team to Japan and picking Byron Saxton.
Tweet 18: "You think this is smart?" - Kevin Owens on streamers
Tweet 19: Didn't realise how harshly that baseball slide caught Big Kev. That looked nasty.
Tweet 20: They've edited in adverts. Presumably this is Vince trolling us, yes?
Tweet 21: Oh, and it's a way to cut the run time down too. Because why repeat this and give us the full experience, eh?
Tweet 22: We got the entrances, that's what matters.
Tweet 23: Imagine believing Owens would retain with a senton.
Tweet 24: Bálor just won off his first Coup de Gras. That tells me this was even more heavily edited than I expected.
Tweet 25: "I can't believe it. I can't believe Finn actually did it" - Byron Saxton, who's paid to make these guys sound amazing

Byron Saxton can't believe he saw this happen.

Tweet 26: They're going recap heavy. What with this and the full entrances we're getting some awful editing choices here.
Tweet 27: Hideo Itami doing a clap there.
Tweet 28: Remember that time Owens refused a handshake? Great stuff. Whadda heel.

Jason Jordan agrees to team with Chad Gable

Tweet 29: This "Ready, willing and Gable" thing will get OVER given time.
Tweet 30: Soooooo... is Chad Gable meant to have the air of a sex pest to him?

Solomon Crowe's talks about being a little monster backstage

Tweet 31: I hope Solly Crowe's being turned heel. He's flailing badly as a face. There's nothing to him.

Marcus Louis v Solomon Crowe

Tweet 32: I'm dangerously into Marcus Louis' bald madman gimmick.
Tweet 33: Solomon Crowe, who cut a promo just minutes ago saying he'd return soon, is wrestling now.
Tweet 34: This is a weird match pairing.

Loving this Marcus Luis run as a mental lad.

Tweet 35: Bit of wobble on Crowe's thighs there. Vince will be insisting on some toning.
Tweet 36: That's assuming Vince watches NXT, which I bet he doesn't.
Tweet 37: I could watch Marcus Louis roar gibberish all day.
Tweet 38: The Stretch Muffler has been renamed the Crowe Bar. Because Vince and Trips love puns.

The Vaudevillains cut a promo backstage

Tweet 39: Not a fan of Gotch speaking but I did like the black and white. Could've done with the old silent movie approach being dusted off.

Recap of Finn Bálor celebrating his title win

Tweet 40: Finn looking like a giddy mark meeting Cena there...
Tweet 41: What was the point of Cena appearing? To legitimise Finn? No thanks.

Number one contendership match: Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 42: I like both of these teams. Think I'm going to back the Vaudevillains though.
Tweet 43: They're the better team and I'm over Enzo and Cass v the Dubsteppers.

Enzo, roaring like a proud little lion.

Tweet 44: When did we last see Blake and Murphy? Feels like an age ago?
Tweet 45: Just caught a glimpse of Cass flicking his hair about. He's learnt well from the greatest big man ever, 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash.
Tweet 46: Big Kev could move like a cruiserweight. He just didn't want to.
Tweet 47: Byron just referred to "Air Enzo." Perfectly sums up why he's a poor addition to this commentary team.
Tweet 48: Good show everyone. Byron aside there was nothing but strong hustle.

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