Saturday 18 July 2015

NXTweet 15.07.15

Finn Bálor has been the NXT champion for weeks and hasn't appeared on his show with the belt yet. That's the one negative of recording shows a month in advance. Not that it detracts from the quality of NXT. We got a resolution to the Gable and Jordan story, hype for Barry Corbin and Eva Marie (y'know, just general hype an' that) and a cracking main event between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Who needs a men's champion?


Tweet 1: It's do a watch of NXT time.
Tweet 2: "Hey guys if you could chant NXT for us to splice in at convenient points we'd really appreciate it."

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable v Elias Sampson and Steve Cutler

Tweet 3: Chad Gable. The new Tye Dillinger.
Tweet 4: I'm immediately enjoying Chad Gable repeatedly tapping Jason Jordan. Hope they go with a mancrush story.

Gable's able.

Tweet 5: Srs point: I've liked the story of Chad convincing 'The New Double J' to tag with him. Simple and easy to follow innit.
Tweet 6: Sampson and Cutler need a team name. How about The Gold Star Rangers?
Tweet 7: Pop-up 2D finish. Just to stick it to them damn Dudleys.

Recap of RAW

Tweet 8: Recap of Lynch, Banks and Charlotte. That makes me think WWE realises there are people who watch NXT but not RAW.
Tweet 9: Those people are sensible.

Samoa Joe v Axel Tischer

Tweet 10: Samoa Joseph's music is all over the place. Starts off as some big epic thing then becomes synth hiphop.
Tweet 11: Axel Tischer's name will get changed at some point surely? Vince will drop Axel and Tischer is too weird to be his only name.
Tweet 12: Really enjoying Tischer's Heidenreich lite look.
Tweet 13: Heidenlite. #stillgotit
Tweet 14: Tischer raking Joe's eyes on the top rope. Absolutely devastating display.

Son of Heidenreich taking a kick to the face there.

Tweet 15: Joe getting the shock win there. Really didn't expect that. Thought that lad I'd never seen or heard of would go over.
Tweet 16: The Eva Marie push continues. It's even happening in Total Divas ads now.

Baron Corbin vignette

Tweet 17: YES! Barry Corbin talking about FOOTBALL and MARTIAL ARTS as he gets a TATTOO.
Tweet 18: Barry is THE READ DEAL, yo! You think you've done something? You've done NOTHING compared to Barry, mate.
Tweet 19: Loving Barry slating people for wrestling in gymnasiums so much. He's above that. He's told Triple H not to book him in gyms.
Tweet 20: And Triple H listened because he respects Barry's Wolf Power.

Eva Marie promo

Tweet 21: Eva Marie appearing to #instantheat here.
Tweet 22: Dem mic skillz.
Tweet 23: In-ring debut next week, Eva? What about all those times I saw you wrestle before? Wouldn't that mean you've already debuted?

What's her name again...?

Tweet 24: I'm genuinely hyped for Eva's REdebut though. So much potential in her as a troll character ruining the women's division.
Tweet 25: Still think she'll surprise us and be relatively good though.

Blake and Murphy v Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Tweet 26: Team name suggestion for Blake 'n' Murphy: The 90s Scarecrows.
Tweet 27: Angelo Dawkins should keep this amateur rassler gimmick but also wear a backpack and wacky glasses. Change it up, brother. Stand out.
Tweet 28: Your partner's channelling Rick Steiner. You need to keep up with that and it won't be easy.
Tweet 29: Soooooo... which one's Blake and which one's Murphy?

Who are we meant to cheer for here?

Tweet 30: Why are we seeing a heel versus heel match? What sense does this make? Is it a test to see if WGTT 2.0 can be cool heels? They can't.
Tweet 31: Nice to see Alexa's career path closely following that of Trish Stratus. Fitness model > Manager of a dodgy team > Greatest Wrestler Ever™
Tweet 32: Blake and Murphy beating up legit shoot fight juggernauts Fulton 'n' 'Dorky' Dawkins. This gets them over as KILLERZ.
Tweet 33: I wish JR was around to call that assisted Sparkle Splash. "Bah gawd! Sparkle Splash! Sparkle Splash! Sparkle Splash! That Jezebel!"

Sasha Banks backstage

Tweet 34: Sasha Banks wandering about in a dimly lit locker room there. Because why not?

Sami Zayn promo

Tweet 35: Sami Zayn there, looking like an injured golfer.
Tweet 36: "Welcome home" chant for Zayn. He's from Canada, ya daft Floridians.
Tweet 37: Waiting for Sami to say he's been "Daniel Bryaned."
Tweet 38: "2014 was probably the best year of my career" - Sami Zayn
Tweet 39: Sami's goals include winning the PGA championship, continuing to wear nice golf shirts, and wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania.
Tweet 40: Sami Zayn saying he wants Kevin Owens' ass. Such an Attitude Era sentiment.

Charlotte backstage

Tweet 41: Earlier today Charlotte did some skipping with a rope. That right there is how you know she's an #athlete

San Diego Comic Con NXT panel recap

Tweet 42: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being on the same panel at Comic Con exposes the business. Just ask Jim Ross.
Tweet 43: Finn Bálor is not a confident speaker outside of a wrestling show. Not a surprise tbh.
Tweet 44: Srs point: I like Owens saying New York City is to him what (all of) Japan is to Fergal 'Demon King' Devitt.
Tweet 45: That's how you do a modern wrestling story. Make it about careers and wins and losses and personality clashes.

NXT women's championship: Charlotte v Sasha Banks (c)

Tweet 46: Hello please where is Queen City kthnxbye.
Tweet 47: Charlotte should be announced from Flair Country.
Tweet 48: Charlotte still awkwardly doing her dad's taunts is so cringe. Just let her drop it. She clearly doesn't enjoy doing it.
Tweet 49: Charlotte, the babyface, likes to describe herself as "genetically superior". Y'know, like the Nazis did.
Tweet 50: Hope Charlotte doing the Flair Flop becomes a thing. Want to see her rolling from the ring, walking backstage and doing it in a locker room.
Tweet 51: Banks pressing A and B to steal her opponent's finisher there.
Tweet 52: This match is #wellgood for the record.
Tweet 53: I want to see Charlotte face Luke Harper in a Big Boot Must Be The Finish match.
Tweet 54: Devastating hair extension blows! Whadda match!
Tweet 55: Dat Bank Statement torque.

This hold is incredible.

Tweet 56: Banks winning via tap out with such a crazy-looking hold is part of the reason this division is so good. Everything looks legitimate.
Tweet 57: Banks tearing up after retaining helps too. Shows she cares, innit.
Tweet 58: "This women's division is in great hands" - Corey Graves with a comment notable because it looks like both women are leaving the division
Tweet 59: Great show everyone. Good hustle. Except Byron.

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