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NXTweet 15.07.15

Finn Bálor has been the NXT champion for weeks and hasn't appeared on his show with the belt yet. That's the one negative of recording shows a month in advance. Not that it detracts from the quality of NXT. We got a resolution to the Gable and Jordan story, hype for Barry Corbin and Eva Marie (y'know, just general hype an' that) and a cracking main event between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Who needs a men's champion?


Tweet 1: It's do a watch of NXT time.
Tweet 2: "Hey guys if you could chant NXT for us to splice in at convenient points we'd really appreciate it."

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable v Elias Sampson and Steve Cutler

Tweet 3: Chad Gable. The new Tye Dillinger.
Tweet 4: I'm immediately enjoying Chad Gable repeatedly tapping Jason Jordan. Hope they go with a mancrush story.

Gable's able.

Tweet 5: Srs point: I've liked the story of Chad convincing 'The New Double J' to tag with him. Simple and easy to follow innit.
Tweet 6: Sampson and Cutler need a team name. How about The Gold Star Rangers?
Tweet 7: Pop-up 2D finish. Just to stick it to them damn Dudleys.

Recap of RAW

Tweet 8: Recap of Lynch, Banks and Charlotte. That makes me think WWE realises there are people who watch NXT but not RAW.
Tweet 9: Those people are sensible.

Samoa Joe v Axel Tischer

Tweet 10: Samoa Joseph's music is all over the place. Starts off as some big epic thing then becomes synth hiphop.
Tweet 11: Axel Tischer's name will get changed at some point surely? Vince will drop Axel and Tischer is too weird to be his only name.
Tweet 12: Really enjoying Tischer's Heidenreich lite look.
Tweet 13: Heidenlite. #stillgotit
Tweet 14: Tischer raking Joe's eyes on the top rope. Absolutely devastating display.

Son of Heidenreich taking a kick to the face there.

Tweet 15: Joe getting the shock win there. Really didn't expect that. Thought that lad I'd never seen or heard of would go over.
Tweet 16: The Eva Marie push continues. It's even happening in Total Divas ads now.

Baron Corbin vignette

Tweet 17: YES! Barry Corbin talking about FOOTBALL and MARTIAL ARTS as he gets a TATTOO.
Tweet 18: Barry is THE READ DEAL, yo! You think you've done something? You've done NOTHING compared to Barry, mate.
Tweet 19: Loving Barry slating people for wrestling in gymnasiums so much. He's above that. He's told Triple H not to book him in gyms.
Tweet 20: And Triple H listened because he respects Barry's Wolf Power.

Eva Marie promo

Tweet 21: Eva Marie appearing to #instantheat here.
Tweet 22: Dem mic skillz.
Tweet 23: In-ring debut next week, Eva? What about all those times I saw you wrestle before? Wouldn't that mean you've already debuted?

What's her name again...?

Tweet 24: I'm genuinely hyped for Eva's REdebut though. So much potential in her as a troll character ruining the women's division.
Tweet 25: Still think she'll surprise us and be relatively good though.

Blake and Murphy v Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Tweet 26: Team name suggestion for Blake 'n' Murphy: The 90s Scarecrows.
Tweet 27: Angelo Dawkins should keep this amateur rassler gimmick but also wear a backpack and wacky glasses. Change it up, brother. Stand out.
Tweet 28: Your partner's channelling Rick Steiner. You need to keep up with that and it won't be easy.
Tweet 29: Soooooo... which one's Blake and which one's Murphy?

Who are we meant to cheer for here?

Tweet 30: Why are we seeing a heel versus heel match? What sense does this make? Is it a test to see if WGTT 2.0 can be cool heels? They can't.
Tweet 31: Nice to see Alexa's career path closely following that of Trish Stratus. Fitness model > Manager of a dodgy team > Greatest Wrestler Ever™
Tweet 32: Blake and Murphy beating up legit shoot fight juggernauts Fulton 'n' 'Dorky' Dawkins. This gets them over as KILLERZ.
Tweet 33: I wish JR was around to call that assisted Sparkle Splash. "Bah gawd! Sparkle Splash! Sparkle Splash! Sparkle Splash! That Jezebel!"

Sasha Banks backstage

Tweet 34: Sasha Banks wandering about in a dimly lit locker room there. Because why not?

Sami Zayn promo

Tweet 35: Sami Zayn there, looking like an injured golfer.
Tweet 36: "Welcome home" chant for Zayn. He's from Canada, ya daft Floridians.
Tweet 37: Waiting for Sami to say he's been "Daniel Bryaned."
Tweet 38: "2014 was probably the best year of my career" - Sami Zayn
Tweet 39: Sami's goals include winning the PGA championship, continuing to wear nice golf shirts, and wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania.
Tweet 40: Sami Zayn saying he wants Kevin Owens' ass. Such an Attitude Era sentiment.

Charlotte backstage

Tweet 41: Earlier today Charlotte did some skipping with a rope. That right there is how you know she's an #athlete

San Diego Comic Con NXT panel recap

Tweet 42: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being on the same panel at Comic Con exposes the business. Just ask Jim Ross.
Tweet 43: Finn Bálor is not a confident speaker outside of a wrestling show. Not a surprise tbh.
Tweet 44: Srs point: I like Owens saying New York City is to him what (all of) Japan is to Fergal 'Demon King' Devitt.
Tweet 45: That's how you do a modern wrestling story. Make it about careers and wins and losses and personality clashes.

NXT women's championship: Charlotte v Sasha Banks (c)

Tweet 46: Hello please where is Queen City kthnxbye.
Tweet 47: Charlotte should be announced from Flair Country.
Tweet 48: Charlotte still awkwardly doing her dad's taunts is so cringe. Just let her drop it. She clearly doesn't enjoy doing it.
Tweet 49: Charlotte, the babyface, likes to describe herself as "genetically superior". Y'know, like the Nazis did.
Tweet 50: Hope Charlotte doing the Flair Flop becomes a thing. Want to see her rolling from the ring, walking backstage and doing it in a locker room.
Tweet 51: Banks pressing A and B to steal her opponent's finisher there.
Tweet 52: This match is #wellgood for the record.
Tweet 53: I want to see Charlotte face Luke Harper in a Big Boot Must Be The Finish match.
Tweet 54: Devastating hair extension blows! Whadda match!
Tweet 55: Dat Bank Statement torque.

This hold is incredible.

Tweet 56: Banks winning via tap out with such a crazy-looking hold is part of the reason this division is so good. Everything looks legitimate.
Tweet 57: Banks tearing up after retaining helps too. Shows she cares, innit.
Tweet 58: "This women's division is in great hands" - Corey Graves with a comment notable because it looks like both women are leaving the division
Tweet 59: Great show everyone. Good hustle. Except Byron.

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