Saturday 4 April 2015

NXTweet 01.04.15

Sami Zayn returns! Team Jordillinger implodes! Emma acts heelish again! And Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze continue their feud in a two-out-of-three falls match! All this... and more!


Tweet 1: I'm watching NXT... now.
Tweet 2: Coming up: 53.40 of goodness. Minus ads.
Tweet 3: Dedicating this episode to the memory of CJ Parker's developmental contract.

Sami Zayn returns

Tweet 4: I'm just noticing that Sami Zayn has disproportionately large hands.
Tweet 5: Lad in the audience sporting a flat cap there. It's catching on, Sami! #nevergiveup
Tweet 6: Basically Sami Zayn returned after about a month and a half off and said he's going to have a rematch. Lovely stuff.

Rhyno v Unnamed Bloke

Tweet 7: 'The Ladbeast' Rhyno.

Wrestling in a T-shirt. What have you become, Rhyno?

Tweet 8: Disappoints this year's 'Mania didn't feature a story about how Rhyno Gored his wife in a hotel foyer.
Tweet 9: "It doesn't matter!" - 'The Brahma Rhyno'

Dana Brooke video

Tweet 10: We're all agreed Dana Brooke is being brought in to replace Natalya as the resident strong style blonde who uses Bret Hart's colour scheme, yeah?

Footage of Kevin Owens after his match with Finn Bálor last week

Tweet 11: Wandering what Owens did after he retained the title last week? He say backstage and had a laugh. Good for him. Good for Kevin.

Emma v Bayley

Tweet 12: Emma getting her babyface bubble intro then not doing the skin the cat entrance. Lol, mate.
Tweet 13: The commentary team are acknowledging catcalls from the audience! What witchcraft is this?!
Tweet 14: Vince will explode when he hears that happened.

Roll-up for the win, bro.

Tweet 15: Disappointed that the audience aren't more into this match. It's good and Emma and Bayley are both over.
Tweet 16: Maybe they don't know to treat Emma as a heel after her slap work the other week.
Tweet 17: Emma's going to carry on losing. Eventually she'll be pushed over the edge and unveil a Great Muta-esque heel persona.

Devin Taylor interviews Becky Lynch

Tweet 18: Becky Lynch. Does anybody care about Becky Lynch? No. Not even Becky Lynch cares about Becky Lynch.
Tweet 19: "Why hasn't Becky Lynch had her shot?" - Becky Lynch
Tweet 20: The reason I dislike Lynch is that she comes out with generic heel promos like that. Impossible to believe she believes it.
Tweet 21: Also the rocker chick gimmick is deeply clichéd. And she doesn't seem to believe in that either.

Lucha Dragons v Blake and Murphy

Tweet 22: Still loving Blake and Murphy's 90's kids' TV theme music.
Tweet 23: If there had ever been a rave seen on Power Rangers this is the music they'd have used.
Tweet 24: I like the way Kalisto's really energetic and happy and Sin Cara half-heartedly goes through his pose routine.
Tweet 25: They should change his ring name to Rey Kalisto. Just to troll Mysterio.
Tweet 26: "I got him!" Wesley 'Jeff Jarrett' Blake


Tweet 27: Blake and Murphy should be put in dungarees and called up to the main roster as Bray Wyatt's new henchmen.
Tweet 28: On the subject of Wyatt's henchmen, Rowan needs to be repackaged as an unkempt psychology lecturer. Signature foreign object: Rubik's cube.
Tweet 29: Blake and Murphy winning via shenanigans, a running suplex and a frog splash. That was the best bit of the match and that's upsetting.

Devin Taylor interviews Sami Zayn, Rhyno appears and grunts

Tweet 30: That Rhyno and Zayn confrontation was erotic.

The Mega Powers Explode: Jason Jordan v Tye Dillinger

Tweet 31: RIP Team Jordillinger. Can't believe this match is happening. Heartbreaking end of an era.
Tweet 32: Jordan's busting out a singlet for his singles run. Hoping he adopts Jerry Lawler's tear down a strap routine.

Saddening scenes as Jordan and Dillinger face off.

Tweet 33: Within seconds BOTH straps are down. Jason Jordan is out of control!
Tweet 34: Jordan wins. Erm... good?

Tyler Breeze v Hideo Itami

Tweet 35: Fifteen minutes left to fit in a video package, entrances and a two-out-of-three falls match? Good luck with that.
Tweet 36: Maybe someone will go over with two straight falls. Probs not though. That's not a very WWE approach.
Tweet 37: And I think it's worth reminding ourselves sometimes that as good as NXT is it's still ultimately WWE.
Tweet 38: Look! Look, everyone! It's Tyler! #swoon
Tweet 39: I popped for the selfie stick. #notlikethat
Tweet 40: Disappointed Hideo's not carried over KENTA's love of pork pie hats.
Tweet 41: KICKS.

The power of kick!

Tweet 42: Itami gets the first fall via kicking.
Tweet 43: I'll tell you what. This buff referee needs to slim down a bit. He's upstaging the rasslers.
Tweet 44: Logically, the first fall of two-out-of-three fall matches should be roughly the length of a regular match and it rarely is.
Tweet 45: "Playing possum they call it!" - Corey Graves on playing possum
Tweet 46: This match is good though, innit.
Tweet 47: I like Hideo's hair and I don't care who knows it.
Tweet 48: Breeze winning is a pleasant surprise. That's part of what makes NXT so enjoyable though. The main guys are kept equal.
Tweet 49: Still not wild about the Beauty Shot as a finish though. He needs a DDT variant called the Botox Injection. I've said this before...
Tweet 50: Good episode, everyone. Good hustle.

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