Saturday 18 April 2015

NXTweet 15.04.15

Sami Zayn returns for his first match in two months, facing 'The Man Beast' Rhyno. We also get another match form the enjoyable combo of Fulton and Dawkins, the tag champs handing out flowers, a Blue Pants match, and the final ever CJ Parker match... unless he re-signs in a few years.


Tweet 1: Alright, guys. I'm watching NXT.
Tweet 2: Always pleased to see Orton on the opening credits. That guy doesn't get enough screen time.

Solomon Crowe v CJ Parker

Tweet 3: CJ Parker's in the opener. I'm shedding a tear for him.
Tweet 4: Really can't get past my feeling that they're getting a tonne of stuff wrong with Solly Crowe.
Tweet 5: "Look at the rage there from CJ Parker" - Corey Graves, who must have forgotten that rage is Alex Riley's thing
Tweet 6: This match is making realise how much of a loss CJP is for NXT.
Tweet 7: I'm impressed by the number of merch shirts in the audience.
Tweet 8: Still think Crowe could have been introduced as a caveman Sylvester LeFort discovered frozen in ice.
Tweet 9: That would have been tremendous.

A muffling stretch.

Tweet 10: Stretch Muffler being called the Stretch Muffler there.
Tweet 11: See, the problem is that they're positioning him as a hacker but he doesn't actually hack anything.
Tweet 12: Dana Brooke debuts on this show? Now you're talking.

Baron Corbin v Steve Cutler

Tweet 13: Barry Corbin! Not seen him in a few weeks. In his time off he's traded one wild jacket for another. He's a big fan of wolves.
Tweet 14: Steve Cutler's marine experience is no match for Barry's Wolf Power.
Tweet 15: "All hail the big bad wolf" - Corey Graves, embracing my idea of giving Barry Corbin a bunch of inane gimmicks

Sami Zayn interviewed backstage

Tweet 16: Sami Zayn isn't letting Rhyno fast track his way to the top. He's got an annual performance review planned for him...

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins

Tweet 17: "And this right here? This is Carmella!" *Audience boos*
Tweet 18: Does nobody in The Office understand that there's totes room for a chatty act on the main roster?
Tweet 19: Angelo Dawkins + Sawyer Fulton = World's Greatest Tag Team 2.0
Tweet 20: I always like teams with an amateur background gimmick. No idea why. #insightfultweet

Carmella being won over by flowers there.

Tweet 21: Loling at Carmella being won over by the old buncha posies routine. What a mark.
Tweet 22: That was a good Outlaws match. Road Dogg got worked over and Billy came in to clean up.
Tweet 23: Eh? Not the Outlaws, you say...?

Alex Riley backstage

Tweet 24: Highlight of the show right here.


Tweet 25: "Did you think Alex Riley was just going to go away?" Honestly? Yes. And I was hoping I was right.
Tweet 26: A-Ry talking about battling for every inch there. Must... resist... obvious... joke...
Tweet 27: "Remember, Kevo! I got nowhere else to go!" - Alex Riley, revealing his tragic but utterly deserved status as a vagrant

Dana Brooke v Blue Pants

Tweet 28: Really enjoying the seventeen poses and a flip Dana Brooke's loaded into her entrance.
Tweet 29: She's a former fitness model. Basically they're hoping for a new Trish Stratus.
Tweet 30: Dana Brooke running through a stomp routine like a grizzled vet here. Puts me in mind of a young Randall 'Bag Violator' Orton.

She'll be doing the Check Up From the Neck Up next.

Tweet 31: Dana Brooke using Alex Shane's One Night Stand for the win there.
Tweet 32: Remember when Shane booked a kayfabe relationship between himself and Nikita? Great days. Great lad.
Tweet 33: Riley v Owens II confirmed for next week. I hope Riley's Twitter name is RageRileyRage by then.

Sami Zayn v Rhyno

Tweet 34: Love the fact that Rhyno's Titantron vid features an actual rhino.
Tweet 35: Just noticed Rhyno's lack of kneepads. I remember him wearing really skimpy pads in ECW. I always enjoyed that. Made his legs look bigger.
Tweet 36: Imagine how much less intimidating the Gore would be if it were called the Lol.
Tweet 37: Is the skull on Rhyno's singlet covered in rags like a mummy?

Well done, Sami. That was textbook.

Tweet 38: This ref's awful. Took him a two count to start counting. Fire him. Bring back Brad Maddox.
Tweet 39: Enjoying Rhyno channelling Marc Mero there. One of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era.
Tweet 40: Well that match happened.
Tweet 41: It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special. The crowd being tired hurt it. The lack of a proper Gore and kick out definitely did.
Tweet 42: To be fair they're probably saving the Gore kick out for something bigger. I'm down with that.
Tweet 43: Solid episode, everyone. Good hustle.

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