Saturday 17 January 2015

NXTweet 14.01.15

This was one of the best regular episodes of NXT in some time (which is not to downplay the show’s usual high quality). Bálor versus Kidd and Zayn versus Neville both would have been acceptable main events and the women’s match and Bull versus Baron both would have been logical inclusions on the next special. Basically we were spoilt, and this is an excellent episode for people to start out on the show with.

Tyson Kidd v Finn Bálor

Tweet 1:
Tweet 2: Roar of the crowd and so forth.
Tweet 3: Charles Robinson looking confused. Great opening shot.
Tweet 4: Calgary, dramatic pause, Alberta, Canada.
Tweet 5: Bálor versus Kidd as the opener. I'm down with this.
Tweet 6: Bálor is wearing trunks made from Christmas wrapping paper.
Tweet 7: A-Ry's changed his tune on Bálor. It's almost like he's been told off for running down a guy clearly going places.


Tweet 8: The commentary team are discussing Tyson's yellow ring gear and the cats on it. I'm a fan.
Tweet 9: "He knows how to keep himself relevant in WWE" - Renee Young on, of all people, Tyson Kidd
Tweet 10: "Looked like a floating, spinning neck breaker of some kind" - 'The Analyst' Alex Riley
Tweet 11: Well that was a good match.

Devin Taylor interviews Bull Dempsey backstage

Tweet 12: The bull and the baron will finally meet after... well, about three interactions.
Tweet 13: Very good interactions though.
Tweet 14: Bull's on the screen shouting his own name. I think he's predicting a win for himself. He didn't actually state it though.

Baron Corbin v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 15: How about putting Corbin and Bull together as a team and giving them the old KroniK gimmick?
Tweet 16: Remember KroniK? Course you do! They were hilarious.

Lad smash!

Tweet 17: Surprised the audience didn't even try counting for this match.
Tweet 18: That match marked the first time Baron Corbin did anything I found impressive. Specifically it was his match-winning End of Days.

Natalya and Charlotte v Team Best at Everything

Tweet 19: Charlotte's been wearing the same outfit for the last month. #justsaying
Tweet 20: I weep every time I see these awful trousers of Becky's.
Tweet 21: Love the fact that this is a WWE women's match that has a reason for happening and isn't being presented as filler.

Team Best at Taking Drop Kicks.

Tweet 22: Why can't they bring themselves to do this on the main roster?
Tweet 23: Sasha pinned the champ she celebrated like it meant something. That win will probably get her a title shot.
Tweet 24: Again, why can't they do this on the main roster?
Tweet 25: Sasha does a better woooooo than Charlotte.

NXT championship: Sami Zayn (c) v Adrian Neville

Tweet 26: The crowd like Neville again now, for the record.
Tweet 27: #CodeofHonor
Tweet 28: Riley's commentary seems even more poor than usual. Where is Corey Graves? He's, y'know, good.
Tweet 29: Duelling mean streaks spot.
Tweet 30: Cracking hurricanrana. I imagine I'm not the first person to say that.
Tweet 31: I say say, I mean type.

Well done, Sami. That was textbook.

Tweet 32: That blue thunder bomb is nice too.
Tweet 33: Sami using the rolling German suplexes. #awk
Tweet 34: Zayn is so out of it Nev can't pull him to his feet. He's not going for a cover though. That would be too obvious...
Tweet 35: The diving DDT through the ropes rarely works out for Zayn. Maybe drop it...
Tweet 36: Zayn retains with an Exploder suplex and the Helluva kick. Very good match.
Tweet 37: Good episode overall actually. Almost like a special in that every match was of high quality. All but the opener had a fair bit of build.

Poor old Sami...

Tweet 38: Owens showed up and power bombed Zayn. Because he's a heel and we all need reminding of that.
Tweet 39: Spoiler: we're getting Owens v Zayn at some point in the next few months. That's a good thing, obvs.

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