Saturday 24 January 2015

NXTweet 21.01.15

The highlight of NXT this week? The long awaited return of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. Hideo Itami wrestling a singles main event on a show that also featured Charlotte v Sasha Banks and Finn Bálor v Curtis Axel was just icing on the cake.

Intro and recap

Tweet 1: What is with these 50 minute-plus episodes of NXT? Ah well, best get on with it. The sooner I start the sooner I finish...
Tweet 2: I'm immediately laughing at people in the audience looking massively shocked at the Owens turn from R Evolution.
Tweet 3: They're showing highlights of last week's title match now. It was good, for the record.
Tweet 4: I'm less enthusiastic as Owens using the pop-up power bomb as a finish.

William Regal makes announcements

Tweet 5: Regal sitting at a desk? You better believe I'm marking out.
Tweet 6: Tournament. Marking out for that too.

Sami Zayn promo, featuring William Regal and Tye Dillinger

Tweet 7: What did Tye Dillinger ever do to Sami Zayn, eh?

Poor ol' Tye.

Tweet 8: Regal means business here. Didn't even wipe his feet before getting into the ring.
Tweet 9: On a side note I realised the other day that I wipe my feet whenever going into a building. I like to think I picked that up from Regal.
Tweet 10: Owens v Zayn will main event the next Takeover special? I'm shocked...
Tweet 11: One of the tournament entrants is "the enigmatic mind of Finn Bálor"? So, not Bálor, just his mind? C'mon, commentary team.

Number one contender tournament: Curtis Axel v Finn Bálor

Tweet 12: Better than Perfect? Nah mate.
Tweet 13: Axel went to NXT to get his career back on track. He should've just reformed his team with Ryback.
Tweet 14: Axel realising he's been outperformed before the bell's even rung, there.
Tweet 15: Rich Brennan cracking jokes about Yogi Bear. I actually despair.
Tweet 16: This match was really good until Axel went on offence and slapped on a rest hold.
Tweet 17: Bálor's double stomp needs a cool name. How about... Kill Feet?
Tweet 18: Magic Jumping Finisher?
Tweet 19: Rich Brennan is welcoming us to the show and we're well over 18 minutes in.

Devin Taylor interviews Sasha Banks

Tweet 20: Sasha reckons she's winning the women's title on this episode. I reckon she's not.

Bull Dempsey promo

Tweet 21: Lovely close-up on Bull Dempsey's hands.
Tweet 22: Bull Dempsey: the talent Taz could have been.

NXT women’s championship match: Charlotte (c) v Sasha Banks

Tweet 23: Charlotte's had her hair done but she's STILL wearing that same T-shirt and ring gear. I bet she smells rancid.
Tweet 24: Love that she threw her shirt in a kid's face. You wouldn't catch John doing that.
Tweet 25: Yeah, just John. What of it?
Tweet 26: Charlotte being announced from Queen City tickled me. Probs near Dudleyville.

Could've been great with more time and a different ending.

Tweet 27: Still not sold on Becky Lynch. Sasha is a great talent. Probably the best woman WWE has.
Tweet 28: Between her and Paige.
Tweet 29: Not understanding why Becky interfered, other than to set up that Bayley run-in.
Tweet 30: Was that suplex from Bayley to Charlotte meant to be a heel turn? On the unimaginative main roster it would be obvious.
Tweet 31: What's Becky done to earn a women's title match? Actually what? C'mon, Regal...

Some new interviewer bloke talks to Kevin Owens

Tweet 32: New interviewer interrupting Owens while he's texting or playing Angry Birds or whatevs. He wouldn't have gotten off that lightly with Punk.

The Vaudevillains v Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

Tweet 33: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 34: No pop for Murphy and Blake.
Tweet 35: Can't tell Murphy and Blake apart? Don't worry, they've got you covered! Their names are written on their tights.
Tweet 36: Sometimes even they forget which one's which.

Wear down hold!

Tweet 37: Murphy still looks like a younger, shorter Undertaker.
Tweet 38: I've worked out what it is that gives me trouble about these lads. Their look is very TNA. Which obviously isn't a good thing.
Tweet 39: Their entrance music though. I'm going to be disappointed when Jim Johnston gets around to them.
Tweet 40: Vaudevillains lost btw. I was surprised.

The new interviewer bloke talks to Murphy and Blake

Tweet 41: "This isn't where our year ends!" - Buddy Murphy, in January
Tweet 42: They reckon they're going to the top. Maybe settle for NXT, guys. You don't want to get Ascensioned on RAW.

Number one contender tournament: Tyler Breeze v Hideo Itami

Tweet 43: Look! Look, everyone! It's Tyler! *swoons*
Tweet 44: Against my better judgment I'm enjoying this phantom of the opera thing they've got going on with Marcus Louis stalking Breeze.
Tweet 45: It's exactly the level of gimmick storyline I love right now. They'll mess it up though.
Tweet 46: 'The Handsome Godzilla'! That's Breeze's best nickname yet.
Tweet 47: "That is going to change some molars in the mouth of Tyler Breeze" - J-Train, with a perfect example of why he shouldn't be commentating
Tweet 48: I mean, yeah, I'm enjoying this match, but not as much as I think I should be. I'm beginning to think this is on Itami.
Tweet 49: Breaking news: Lucha Dragons accept the challenge of Burphy and Mlake.
Tweet 50: Even breakinger news: no one cares.
Tweet 51: Maybe Rich Brennan should look into what a fisherman's suplex actually is.

Tasty little point from Breeze, there.

Tweet 52: Breeze hitting a super kick, reminding me that he is WWE's answer to the Young Bucks.
Tweet 53: That crucifix was a bit...
Tweet 54: Look at all those lovely, lovely kicks.
Tweet 55: Itami won. With a kick.
Tweet 56: Good show, everyone. Good hustle.

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