Saturday 10 January 2015

NXTweet 08.01.15

Hideo Itami gets a singles match and The Vaudevillains have their tag title rematch. Oh, and NXT champ Sami Zayn returns to work. Good episode. Compelling and rich.

Sami Zayn promo, featuring Adrian Neville and William Regal

Tweet 1: And now to tweet about NXT.
Tweet 2: Sami Zayn has finally bothered to show back up to work. Why did nobody lay into him for taking a month off like Lesnar?
Tweet 3: Just kidding, obvs. Dude was a-selling.
Tweet 4: Flat cap alert.
Tweet 5: Sami's wandered into the crowd to show off his belt. Imagine if someone nabbed it.
Tweet 6: I like Zayn but his T-shirt could be better.
Tweet 7: Sami Zayn and the Zayniacs. Oh Sami. I just said I like you, mate.
Tweet 8: Guy in an nWo T-shirt in the front row. There's always one.
Tweet 9: The point of this is that Zayn got the title because he believed in himself and the fans supported him and that he's ready to fight Owens.
Tweet 10: Neville coming out with his weird music and his Orc ears and his guyliner.


Tweet 11: "I didn't mean to interrupt you" - Adrian Neville after deliberately interrupting
Tweet 12: They'll end up agreeing to have a flat cap on a pole match, just you wait.
Tweet 13: #Regalpop
Tweet 14: Regal announced a rematch for next week. Fair enough.

Vaudevillains backstage interview

Tweet 15: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 16: #Gotchvoicepop
Tweet 17: Good promo. English explained what they wanted (the tag titles) and Gotch did some squats. It had it all.

Hideo Itami v Curtis Axel

Tweet 18: Prince Tensai has just claimed that Hideo is popular in Japan as Flair was in his prime. Such a weird analogy.
Tweet 19: Flair was hated in his heyday.
Tweet 20: Curtis Axel and his beard are better off in NXT than on RAW. I hope they stick with him and give him things to do on this show.
Tweet 21: Graves and Albert arguing about hats there.
Tweet 22: Yeah, I mean, you've been going for three minutes so it's probably time for a rest hold.

The dreaded palm to the temple. It's a killer.

Tweet 23: Groin to the face cover from Axel there.
Tweet 24: I like both these guys but this match is doing nothing for me. It's slow. They should have just started off leathering each other.
Tweet 25: I'm disgusted at the lack of reaction to the attempted Perfectplex.

Byron Saxton interviews Natalya and Tyson Kidd backstage

Tweet 26: Tyson's busy preparing for a match next week? Lolwut?
Tweet 27: He's wearing his gear and everything.
Tweet 28: Tyson wants the title. He's also keen on cats. He likes them to eat food from his mouth.

Alexa Bliss v Sasha Banks

Tweet 29: Hype video for Corbin v Dempsey followed by an Alexa Bliss match. No, not odd at all...
Tweet 30: "I spend a lot of time around these ladies" - Rich Brennan, probably not realising like he sounds like a massive stalker
Tweet 31: Still loving the Banks Statement.

One of the best moves in WWE.

Tweet 32: Becky Lynch is no longer playing a nineteenth century Irish girl but hasn't updated her ring gear. Poor effort.

Tyler Breeze announces his comeback

Tweet 33: Close-up of Tyler Breeze! *swoons*

Chad Gable v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 34: Look! Look, everyone! It's Tyler!! #sogorgeous
Tweet 35: "Let's go Gable" chants? What is this? Why aren't they cheering for 'The Gorgeous One'?
Tweet 36: Nice to see Gable making use of some old Kurt Angle gear.

He learned this at the Olympics.

Tweet 37: "We've got a match to call, Albert" - Corey Graves to Jason Bloom
Tweet 38: Big fan of Graves on commentary for that exact reason.
Tweet 39: Chad Gable may have been to the Olympics but he didn't win gold with a BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK.
Tweet 40: Breeze should totes start using the Unprettier.

Devin Taylor talks to Finn Bálor backstage

Tweet 41: Finn Bálor's looking forward to his match with Tyson Kidd next week. Clever lad doing interviews instead of stretching a week early.
Tweet 42: Hilarious shot of Marcus Louis perving on Breeze from behind a curtain from before the (entirely unnecessary) break.

The Vaudevillains v Lucha Dragons

Tweet 43: One day the Vaudevillains pose will be as celebrated as the Impact Players pose.
Tweet 44: Has anyone ever explained why Sin Cara went from being on RAW to being in a tag team in developmental? I mean in storyline terms.
Tweet 45: Is he mentoring Kalisto? That would be a very WWE thing to do.
Tweet 46: Gotch nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction taking that dive.

Lucha Device?

Tweet 47: I like both of these teams but the WWE tag formula is grating on me here. How about a match where nobody is isolated for an extended period?
Tweet 48: English singing to the crowd while applying a sleeper. Just like that I'm drawn back in.
Tweet 49: Nice sunset bomb, yo.
Tweet 50: "Look at that teamwork! My god!" - Rich Brennan with a call straight out of the Vince McMahon playbook
Tweet 51: Lucha Dragons win. I knew they would but I'm still disappointed.

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