Saturday 29 November 2014

NXTweet 27.11.14

The return of Blue Pants, Finn Bálor’s first NXT singles match, and Tyson Kidd Skyping cats. It’s NXT.

Tyler Breeze v Marcus ‘le Monstre’ Louis

Tweet 1: Right then. Let's get NXT watched.
Tweet 2: Look everyone! It's Tyler!!
Tweet 3: Loving this Marcus 'I'm A Monster!' Louis shtick.
Tweet 4: Trunks and a towel. No music. Pure entrance.
Tweet 5: No kneepads.
Tweet 6: "Marcus Louise" - The Bernard Train
Tweet 7: Solid comedy promo from Breeze. Gets his character over, refers to himself as precious, drops an "uggo" for good measure.
Tweet 8: Then Breeze won. Tremendous.
Tweet 9: Then this happened:

Tweet 10: I miss those carefully cultivated tufts of hair on Marcus's head.

Post-break recap of Marcus Louis’ antics

Tweet 11: During the break Louis wandered out of the front door in his trunks.
Tweet 12: Crowd popped for seeing a man walk out into the street in his pants. Don't blame them. #TVgold

Carmella v Blue Pants

Tweet 13: You can't teach being seven feet tall. That's a shoot.
Tweet 14: Does Staten Island have royalty?

These three could be so good on RAW.

Tweet 15: Crowd chanting for the return of Leva Bates as Blue Pants. WWE should really consider signing her.
Tweet 16: That entrance music Big Cass did was better than some of Jim Johnston's work.
Tweet 17: Carmella getting booed because she's not as over as the enhancement talent there.

Finn Bálor interviewed backstage

Tweet 18: Finn Bálor’s backstage taping his fists with a flag jauntily draped over his shoulder.
Tweet 19: He thinks the future is now. Factually inaccurate.

The Lucha Dragons v Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger

Tweet 20: I reckon the real reason Rey Mysterio wants out of WWE is that he knows he'll never be as over as The Lucha Dragons.
Tweet 21: Jordan and Dillinger should use the team name Jordillinger.
Tweet 22: Renee Young thought The Vaudevillains, who are pantomime villains, would be above using midgets to mock opponents. Oh, Renee.
Tweet 23: That "Oh, Renee" in the last tweet was withering. It wasn't a reference to 'Allo, 'Allo.

Work on your boots, lads.

Tweet 24: It's bothering me for more than it should that the Dragons don't have matching boots but do have matching tights.
Tweet 25: Well that match did nothing for Jordillinger. Didn't do that much for Cara and Kalisto either.

Kevin Owens hype video

Tweet 26: Kevin Owens vignette. He fights to provide for his family. He'll fight anyone.
Tweet 27: Looking forward to seeing what WWE do with this Kevin Owens guy. He looks like he might be good...

Bayley promo, featuring Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

Tweet 28: Bayley's booked herself some in-ring promo time after Charlotte said she wouldn't be around to watch her back. This won't end well.
Tweet 29: Bayley with a B A Star promo there.
Tweet 30: OMG Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have interrupted her! Whadda shock!

Sasha Banks, looking decidedly non-ratchet.

Tweet 31: Team BAE gave Bayley's knee a tap and some refs broke them up. The overly buff ref was involved.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya interviewed backstage

Tweet 32: How does Natalya feel about her husband's match with Finn Bálor? She's excited. Excited for Tyson's #opportunity
Tweet 33: Natalya just said she's putting Tyson over. Insider term, much? Jim Neidhart will privately disown her over that.
Tweet 34: Natalya should take a Kevin Nash approach with her character. Start taking it easy in the ring and dropping in insider jargon.
Tweet 35: Tyson's off to Skype some cats and cousin Teddy before his match.

Vaudevillains vignette

Tweet 36: Silent black and white movie of The Vaudevillains training. Legit gold.
Tweet 37: Gotch boxing a bear was probably the highlight.

Finn Bálor v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 38: That pose was a bit Jericho. 'Y2Devitt'.

Finn Bálor channelling Chris Jericho.

Tweet 39: Just going to put this out there: I reckon WWE are doing a slow build to a Natalya versus Tyson Kidd match. Probably at 'Mania.
Tweet 40: Kidd pulled Natalya in front of him to stop Bálor doing a tope. If I were Bálor I'd have done it anyway. Natty can bump.

Heel husband.

Tweet 41: "C'mon, ask him! Ask him in Irish!" - Tyson Kidd with an attempt at comedy heat
Tweet 42: The crowd is backing Kidd and booing some of Bálor's moves. I bet Bálor wishes he'd gone to TNA now!
Tweet 43: Sarcasm, obvs. Nobody in NXT wishes they were in TNA.
Tweet 44: Bálor had the match won and got jumped by The Ascension. Because special event hype.
Tweet 45: Some random jobbers joined the referees in trying to restore order. To the surprise of no one it failed.

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  1. It's not just me that thinks Finn's music is a rip-off of the middle of Paranoid Android?