Monday 3 September 2012

Prime Time Poser

I think it would be fair to say that David Otunga is not the greatest wrestler of today. His ring work is basic at best and he's prone to botching. I've seen him mess up pin attempts in the past.
That doesn't mean the guy has nothing to offer WWE programming though. Far from it. Otunga understands how to get a character over, something very important in the wrestling business, particularly WWE.
Whether he's flexing his way to the ring and posing mid-match Otunga or wandering around backstage wearing a bow tie and a sweater while clutching a coffee, Otunga has displayed skill at building little ticks into recognisable character traits. Introducing his real life background as a Harvard law graduate was another smart idea. Why create fake gimmicks when you can use someone's past for the real thing?

In addition to this Otunga is a smooth and erudite talker. That's a skill many within the company lack.
The former legal adviser to John Laurinaitis hasn't been used properly as a wrestler for months. When Big Johnny was written off of television Otunga found himself in a diminished role. His absence to film WWE Studios' next bargain bin spectacular The Hive further hampered Otunga's chances to carve a niche for himself in WWE's mid-card.

One of Otunga's natural skills: posing
In a way this is good. I don't think WWE should be trying to use Otunga as a wrestler. I feel he's far better suited to a role that allows him to do more talking than wrestling. It's no accident that his biggest career highlight so far has been as a stooge to Laurinaitis.
The perfect spot for Otunga would be managing the Prime Time Players. Young and O'Neil's lack of promo ability would be nearly hidden by an association with Mr Otunga, and it would allow the former Nexus member to play to his strengths. Otunga could cut promos more meaningful than the string of slapdash catchphrases slung together by former frontman AW. The three man unit could become a successful heel act if given the time to gel.
The best part is that while Otunga wouldn't be wrestling he could still pose! If that's not a reason to do this I don't know what is.

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