Thursday 6 September 2012

NXTweet 05.09.12

This week’s NXT was uncharacteristically headlined by an in-ring interview. Seasoned WWE commentator Jim Ross was joined by Seth Rollins, who won the NXT championship on last week’s show. He came to the ring wearing skin-tight jeans (which was weird) and pulled on a T-shirt before starting his interview (which was weirder).

We learnt that Rollins intends to be a fighting champion and that sooner or later everyone will get “Blacked Out”. We were also informed that Rollins has spent much of his career as the hunter and is now the hunted. Apparently nobody informed JR of Rollins’ seven month reign as ROH world champion.
This guy is proud to hold wrestling's ugliest belt
Despite hearing from the new champ the episode’s highlight was Kassius Ohno. He lost to Richie Steamboat in the first bout of the evening but pummelled the second generation star afterwards. The match itself was enjoyable but it was a backstage segment later in the show that really allowed Ohno to shine.

As Ricky Steamboat (Richie’s dad) made his way from the medical room to the trainers’ room he spotted Ohno and asked him if he felt tough for jumping someone from behind. Ohno stood up to ‘the Dragon’ with a believable, menacing performance before the two were separated by referees. It was a scene that clearly showed Ohno has the aura to merit a promotion to the main roster.

Also, he was wearing Eric Morecambe style glasses.

This week’s episode saw more effort given over to progressing acts. Aside from a frivolous Funkasaurus outing every match benefitted NXT wrestlers. Paige defeated Audrey Marie in a match better than anything the women on the central WWE roster will be allowed to produce anytime soon. The Ascension and the Usos had an enjoyable tussle which showed how enjoyable a tag team division could be if a little thought were given over to booking. And Leo Kruger debuted a new gimmick that has far more potential than his original did.

Overall it was yet another impressive show.

Recap of Seth Rollins’ title win

Tweet 1: NXTweet, The.
Tweet 2: YouTube deleted it apparently. Thankfully Daily Motion aren't that foolish.
Tweet 3: Love that shot of Rhodes looking shocked at the Block Out. It's a stomp to the back of the head, Dusty. You must've seen that before!
Tweet 4: Rollins' celebration courtesy of Shawn Michaels. #boyhooddream #WrestleManiaXII

Richie Steamboat v Kassius Ohno

Tweet 5: It's Kassius... OHNO!!
Tweet 6: This should be Ohno's best match on NXT so far. The crowd are chanting for him already. They recognise talent.
Tweet 7: Is it me or are these two calling spots REALLY loudly?
Tweet 8: Ohno's latest gimmick is to look like he sleeps rough.
Tweet 9: This referee really doesn't like to see eye gouging...
Tweet 10: When was the last time a match ended due to excessive eye gouging? I hope this ends to an eye patch match.
Tweet 11: I don't even know what an eye patch match is. I want to see one though.
Tweet 12: Ricky comes out to check on his son. Maybe they're going to turn 'The Dragon' heel and align him with Ohno.
Tweet 13: ... Probs not though.

Paige v Audrey Marie

Tweet 14: Audrey Marie swaggers out for a Divas match. He has a "tireless attitude" according to Byron.
Tweet 15: "It's like Texas versus England here" - Byron Saxton
Tweet 16: "If you like" - William Regal, in response
Tweet 17: Paige wins with a cradle DDT. Nice move. Fairly ridiculous for a finish though, considering how small she is.

Ricky Steamboat shouts at Kassius Ohno backstage

Tweet 18: Briley Pierce looks familiar... #Dolphsbrother
Tweet 19: What the HELL is with Ohno's hilarious glasses?!
Tweet 20: "What're you gonna do? Arm drag me?" - Kassius Ohno with the line of the night

Percy Watson v Leo Kruger

Tweet 21: I think Percy Watson is the one guy on the NXT roster that I dislike.
Tweet 22: South Africa is a wrestling hotbed? C'mon, Regal...
Tweet 23: If any country was a wrestling hotbed when Leo Kruger was growing up it was Japan.
Tweet 24: Percy Watson with his seventeenth drop kick of the match there.
Tweet 25: 'Mad Man' Leo Kruger wins via eerie smile.

Brodus Clay v Ryan Collins

Tweet 26: That's right, get Jim Ross out to call Brodus Clay's match.
Tweet 27: No pyro for 'The Funkasaurus'. He has both Cameron and Naomi though. #tapedelay
Tweet 28: A referee chucks children into the ring and Brodus beckons for more. NXT just got sinister.

The Usos v The Ascension

Tweet 29: Anyone else think Kenneth Cameron looks like Drew McIntyre?
Tweet 30: The Ascension use Total Elimination as a finisher. I'd like them to introduce Perry Saturn as their manager.
Tweet 31: And I want him wearing that furry hat.
Tweet 32: Want to know who I think Conor O'Brian looks like? Sean O'Haire.
Tweet 33: JR can't tell Jimmy and Jey apart. I'm just waiting for him to call one Matt... #Hardybrothersbotch
Tweet 34: Comparing Jimmy and Jey to The Rock doesn't do them many favours.
Tweet 35: Sean O'Haire and Drew McIntyre win a good tag match. No sign of Total Elimination, sadly.

Seth Rollins interview

Tweet 36: Seth Rollins wearing absurdly tight trousers and no shirt there.
Tweet 37: This guy used to get streamers thrown at him when he entered the ring. Now he just gets greeted by a bearded Jim Ross.
Tweet 38: Fairly generic babyface promo there. I'm still waiting for a heel to interrupt.
Tweet 39: Nope. No interruption. The show ended with Rollins swinging the belt around his head without a care in the world.

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