Saturday 14 November 2015

NXTweet 11.11.15

Why did Samoa Joe turn on his bestest friend Finn Bálor? Find out here!


Tweet 1: Anyway, NXT now.
Tweet 2: Last week: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves talked about Apollo Crews and Finn Bálor. Byron Saxton was also present.
Tweet 3: Then Barry Corbin rocked up.
Tweet 4: Then Samoa Joe turned heel.

Tye Dillinger v Baron Corbin

Tweet 5: Tye Dillinger here, experiencing the height of his career by saying "Ten!" a lot.
Tweet 6: Rare Barry Corbin versus featured performer match here. My prediction is that Barry will win via motorbikes and wolf magic.
Tweet 7: Apollo Crews breaking up what I'm sure would have been a classic of a match.
Tweet 8: Barry's run off. Heading backstage to wet his hair and stare longingly at bikes.

Bayley and the Hype Bros v BAMF

Tweet 9: Hype Bros still getting a smattering of boos. I approve.
Tweet 10: "Stack Ryder" - Eden Stiles
Tweet 11: The state of these lime green boots on Mojo though. This is the sort of thing that will reflect poorly on Bayley.
Tweet 12: Heel Alexa Bliss. Good lord.

Alexa. Yes.

Tweet 13: Mojo needs to tighten up that physique if he wants to impress Vinnie Mac.
Tweet 14: Looking forward to Mojo's release and subsequent shoot promo flavoured debut in a TNA that's still somehow clinging to life.
Tweet 15: 'Wild' Wesley Blake has grown on me. He knows how ridiculous he is and he plays to it. Top lad.
Tweet 16: Why aren't commentary talking about how impressive it is that BAMF are controlling the match against grizzled vet Stack Ryder? Oh yeah...

'Fashionplate' Wesley Blake.

Tweet 17: Mojo looks like he's cosplaying as a member of the CHIKARA roster.
Tweet 18: Based on the little bits we've seen here so far I think Bayley v Bliss could be very good.
Tweet 19: Tears at Bayley giving Murphy a belly-to-Bayley.
Tweet 20: Murphy took that like a pro. I'm a fan of the BAMF boys now. They're loveable idiots.

The Ascension cut a promo

Tweet 21: "Challenge accepteeeeeeeeed!" - Konnor
Tweet 22: That promo. Those contact lenses. Only way that could have been more entertaining would have been getting Stardust involved.
Tweet 23: That wasn't going to happen. In the NXT timeline he remains Cody Rhodes, proud son of Dusty Rhodes.

Eva Marie and Nia Jax go into a locker room, presumably to talk

Tweet 24:  Nia Jax and Eva Marie pairing being teased here. That's interesting (it isn't).

Apollo Crews talks about Baron Corbin

Tweet 25: Apollo Crews is too happy a man to convince me he's angry at Barry.
Tweet 26: No way I'm not assuming they're great mates who enjoy sipping protein shakes and sharing diet tips.

Nia Jax v Deonna

Tweet 27: Byron Saxton had never seen a woman as strong as Nia Jax.
Tweet 28: In unrelated news I remain unimpressed by Byron's insipid commentary.
Tweet 29: Deonna is a good looking girl though. Shame she's going to have to play the waiting game for a spot.

Smiles when she wins because Triple H tells her to.

Tweet 30: Nia wins with a leg drop. I'm taking that as a shot at 'The Hulkster'.

Bayley chases Alexa Bliss backstage, Nia Jax gets involved

Tweet 31: Disappointed that Bayley, Alexa and Nia sequence didn't lead to a story where a title belt is constantly being stolen.
Tweet 32: Would've been the perfect in for R-Truth.

NXT tag team championship: The Vaudevillains (c) v Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 33: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 34: Dimmed lighting again. Still a fan.
Tweet 35: Dawson's comedy selling of Vaudevillains' punches is an early contender for moment of the match.

Arn and Tully 2.0.

Tweet 36: Disgusted by Aiden English, a man who shouts "Manly!" all the time, entering the ring between the bottom and middle ropes.
Tweet 37: Waiting for Scotty Dawson to bust out a rotating spinebuster here.
Tweet 38: Corey name dropping Arn and Ole Anderson. No love for CW?
Tweet 39: Scott Dawson should grow in his chest hair. #justsaying
Tweet 40: Harrowing scenes as the New Brainbusters leg lock Pillmanise Aiden English.

Big fan of the NXT tag titles getting slung on random teams every so often.

Tweet 41: I liked that finish. Different kind of story for WWE. Keeps the 'villains strong and builds up Dash 'n' Dawson.
Tweet 42: Samoa Joe's up next. That tag title match should have been the main event.

Samoa Joe promo (Samoa Joemo)

Tweet 43: I said this last week but I'll repeat it here for clarity...
Tweet 44: Joe turned on Bálor because Bálor had refused to sign with TNA and help Joe turn things around.
Tweet 45: Joe here, going full on mad heel, doing revisionist history and channelling Hulk Hogan.
Tweet 46: So Joe turned because Billy Regal booked him in a battle royal. Thibk you're better than Andre do you, mate?
Tweet 47: "I'm Samoa Joe" - Samoa Joe
Tweet 48: Three guys holding back Bálor, two holding back Joe. No comment.

Boo this man. For reasons.

Tweet 49: You know that ending was real because the commentary shut up. #eyeroll
Tweet 50: Good show that. Good hustle.

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