Saturday 7 November 2015

NXTweet 04.11.15

This show was all about the main event championship match between Finn Bálor and Apollo Crews. But there were action from Samoa Joe that were Truly Shocking (assuming you avoid spoilers).


Tweet 1: I am watching the NXT.
Tweet 2: What this show needs to get to the next level is Kane in a prominent role.
Tweet 3: Tonight: Apollo Crews versus Finn Bálor. It'll be good. But think how it could be improved turned into a three-way featuring Kane.
Tweet 4: Big fan of people going along dressed as their fave wrestlers then looking awkward when the cameras go for closeups.

Asuka v Cameron

Tweet 5: Asuka. She's great and all but she's no Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs.
Tweet 6: So much laughter for this bizarre appearance from Cameron.
Tweet 7: Why wasn't Cameron billed from Planet Funk? In fact why isn't she still doing the Funkadactyl gimmick?

Cameron doing a Ribena gimmick here. That'll get over.

Tweet 8: Let me tell you, this "Girl bye!" thing is on the cusp of taking off (it isn't).
Tweet 9: Why is this match still going? Why hasn't Asuka won already? I like her spamming the Rear Views though.
Tweet 10: Imagine booking Cameron the Funkadactyl to look even vaguely competitive.
Tweet 11: I'd be interested in knowing what Vince thinks of Asuka. She wrestles, which he's not interested in, but she loves a pose, which he is.

Tom Philips interviews Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 12: Recap of The Not-Mechanics trying to "cripple" Big Cass.
Tweet 13: Live to our medical correspondent Carmella for an update on Cass and Enzo.
Tweet 14: Dash Wilder having 'Powder Keg' on his ring jacket. Superb.
Tweet 15: You know what I like? I like every tag team on this roster wanting the titles. Because you would, wouldn't you?

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable challenge The Ascension

Tweet 16: They are not the World's Greatest Tag Team™.
Tweet 17: Jordan and Gable will give The Ascension their best match since they returned for the Dusty Classic.

Bull Dempsey v Angelo Dawkins

Tweet 18: I'm a fan of Dawkins and Fulton and their experimental act. Fulton looking like Rick Steiner doesn't hurt.
Tweet 19: You know what would really get Bull Dempsey over? Facing and beating Kane.

You should never have taken the rucksack off, mate.

Tweet 20: I've gone right off Bull since he became the new Simon Dean. He had potential as a lardy Tazz.
Tweet 21: Saddened to see Sawyer Fulton shouting at little Ange. I liked that team.

Tom Philip interviews The Vaudevillains

Tweet 22: Tom Philips playing go-between with The Vaudevillains here. What a mug.
Tweet 23: Why don't Dash and Dawson just take The Roughnecks as a name? It fits and it's a name. Could do worse.

Apollo Crews sits in a locker room

Tweet 24: Apollo having a stare at the NXT title hanging in the locker room there.
Tweet 25: Why are he and Finn sharing a dressing room when they're facing each other? Surely one would rather dress alone. For concentration, like.

Bayley introduces the Hype Bros as her partners to face BAMF

Tweet 26: Recasting Mojo Rawley as a 90s throwback is a stroke of genius.
Tweet 27: Disgusting that we have to put up with him dragging Bayley down to his level though.

Eva Marie v Marley

Tweet 28: Lol at Eva Marie having "RED" written on her WHITE ring gear. Slow clapping this.
Tweet 29: They should do a storyline where Eva's desperate to get a front cover shoot with Zoo. Relatable innit. For someone.

All red everything. Except for the white.

Tweet 30:  This girl Eva's wrestling. Is she The Kendrick's sister? Because there's a similarity there.
Tweet 31: These "Eva's ratchet!" chants though.
Tweet 32: A rare off night for Eva Marie there.
Tweet 33: Don't know about you all but I'm hyped for the inevitable Eva Marie title reign.

Tom Philips interviews Dana Brooke and Emma

Tweet 34: Dana and Emma with their sensational Mean Girls shtick here.
Tweet 35: Emma v Asuka could be great. That's what should have gone on at Takeover: Respect. I get that they wanted to give Dana the rub though.
Tweet 36: Eight of Spades is the theme song of Takeover: London. #fingeronthepulse

NXT championship: Finn Bálor (c) v Apollo Crews

Tweet 37: Eighteen minutes left on this show. Settling in for a hot little title match.
Tweet 38: I like that we're getting big matches for Bálor where he doesn't do his face paint. Makes it mean more.

Cut the lights!

Tweet 39: I'm into this lighting change for the ring intros.
Tweet 40: I'm less into a break about a minute into the match.
Tweet 41: "Moose"-esque shouts of "Crews!" there.
Tweet 42: An idea: have that punt kick become a regular thing from Bálor and call it the Hooligan kick.
Tweet 43: Finn Bálor and Davey Richards have the same haircut.
Tweet 44: Randy Orton and Eric Roberts. Condemned 2 looks like a powerhouse of acting.
Tweet 45: Such a fan of the Vaudevillains v Not-Mechanics getting an ad dedicated to it. Makes it seem like a big deal.
Tweet 46: Ads are entirely pointless during NXT though.

Referee with a W for a head there.

Tweet 47: Crews v Bálor is, as expected, really good stuff.
Tweet 48: That Bloody Sunday move really encapsulates the frustration of a Sunday. #deliberatePartridge
Tweet 49: That exchange that followed. My word that was good.
Tweet 50: Oh look, it's wolf and motorbike enthusiast Barry Corbin attacking champ and challenger.
Tweet 51: Corey Graves describing Corbin's actions as a mugging. Hope he takes a wallet from Finn's tights before he... oh, Joe's here.
Tweet 52: Joe finally doing his heel turn here. I'm obliged to ask why, Joe, why?

Why, Joe, why?

Tweet 53: Lol at the crowd actually chanting that.
Tweet 54: I want Joe to explain that he turned because Bálor refused to sign with TNA. "We could have turned it around, Finn! We could have saved it!"
Tweet 55: Good show. Good hustle.

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