Saturday 17 October 2015

NXTweet 14.10.15

Coming off a Takeover this episode of NXT had to set things up for the next couple of months. And it did so very well. Bayley was confronted by Alexa Bliss, making it clear that's the champ's next programme. Bliss is a good choice. She's massively over as a heel and hasn't been in the title scene for quite a while. Plus Blake and Murphy should give her matches a different feel to the other women's title matches we've been having lately (not that the trend has been bad).

The New Brainbusters combo of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder made it clear they want another match for the NXT tag straps because they hold a non-title win over The Vaudevillains. It wasn't made clear that they'd get the match they're after but chances are they will. As heels they strike me as a good pair to take the belts from Gotch and English before dropping them to Gable and Jordan.

Finally Apollo Crews won a battle royal to earn a future match with Finn Bálor. The match was booked well, with Joe and Coribn both looking strong and lasting until the end. Interestingly Joe got some boos. That, coupled with his heelish outburst with Regal earlier in the show, could lead to him becoming a lead bad guy for the brand should Apollo win defeat Bálor. Or if Bálor retains for that matter.


Tweet 1: Need to keep myself busy today. What better way to do that than by tweeting about NXT?
Tweet 2: Hey, remember when there was a Takeover show last week? This video package does.
Tweet 3: Eva Marie, in her robe, being in the opening credits. Kinda lol, mate.

Promo Bayley, featuring BAMF

Tweet 4: Bayley better not come out with any hot garbage about first ever women's main event or anything here.
Tweet 5: Lita and Steph were main eventing RAW a decade and a half ago, bruv.
Tweet 6: Bayley putting over the roster and the women's division. Guessing this is leading to a heel wandering out.
Tweet 7: Crying at Blake and Murphy joining Alexa for this interruption.

Takeover: London semi-main event? I'd be down.

Tweet 8: Idiot scumbag tag teams don't come much finer than Wesley and Buddy.
Tweet 9: Heart-eyes emoji for heel Alexa.

Samoa Joe challenges Finn Bálor to an NXT championship match

Tweet 10: Big Finn and Joseph From Samoa posing with a trophy and chatting with Big Billy Regal here. Great stuff.
Tweet 11: Joe slapping the title belt like a #lad there.
Tweet 12: Joe getting heely here over his undefeated record. Should've brought Tazz in with him. That combo was UNSTOPPABLE.

Tye Dilinger, Apollo Crews and Rhyno cut promos about the battle royal

Tweet 13: What's with these nicks all over Tye Dillinger's head?
Tweet 14: Apollo Crews, big fan of hand gestures.
Tweet 15: Rhyyyyyyyyyyyno! "I was the last ECW world heavyweight champion!" - Last ECW world heavyweight champion, Rhinoceros 'Rhyno' Rhinington

The Vaudevillains v Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Tweet 16: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 17: Big fan of The Vaudevillains but they've been tag champions two months now and their reign's not been that memorable.
Tweet 18: Not that that's their fault.

New look for Fulton and Dawkins. Dawkins' is basically just a headband though.

Tweet 19: This LOD type look on Sawyer Fulton though.
Tweet 20: Sickened that this allegedly smart crowd didn't chant "Where's your hair gone?" at 'The Drama King'.
Tweet 21: Sawyer Fulton kayfabe wrestles with thumbtacks sticking into his soles? Lolwut? What a weird gimmick.
Tweet 22: Who are the next tag contenders though? I think we all know it SHOULD be Gable and Jordan.

Devin Taylor interviews the Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 23: Oh, but what do we have here? Brainbusters 2.0.
Tweet 24: The Ring Jacket Lads doing a damn fine job of getting over their characters and their motivations here. Strong stuff.

Evie v Nia Jax

Tweet 25: Evie wrestling in a Divas match here. Remember when they embraced it being the women's division? Guessing that's gone.
Tweet 26: Oh. Nia Jax. Finally. Looking forward to her being presented as Triple H's version of Awesome Kong.

Amazing Jax.

Tweet 27: Wondering if Jax will pay tribute to her proud Samoan heritage by using the Samoan Stinkface.
Tweet 28: Jax won? I was expecting big things from that Evie gyal.

Recap of Sasha Banks v Bayley from Takeover

Tweet 29: Becky Lynch going full hyperbole and saying they changed "the world".
Tweet 30: Rein it in, Becky.

Baron Corbin and Tyler Breeze cut promos about the battle royal

Tweet 31: Baron Corbin cutting promos from a car park to get himself ready for a hot run in WWE And Paul Levesque Present EVOLVE.
Tweet 32: Breeze shoot deserves an NXT title match.

Eva Marie vignette

Tweet 33: Eva Marie live from Paris there. I'd watch that as a Network special. Eva wandering around Paris being conceited and that, yup.
Tweet 34: Looking forward to Eva getting some RNN style injury updates at some point.

Battle royal for an NXT championship match

Tweet 35: Danny Burch-slash-Martin Stone being in this match is excellent. He went from jobber with a contract to jobber without a contract to this.
Tweet 36: Might as well bring in Trent Question Mark.

The lads.

Tweet 37: Most over man in this match right now? Johnny 'Probably Has No Contract' Gargano.
Tweet 38: Heat on Terry Creed for eliminating Johnny Gargano there. This crowd is weird.
Tweet 39: The number of tag teams involved in this match highlights how few singles lads of substance NXT has right now.
Tweet 40: I wish Lucky Cannon was around for this current incarnation of NXT.
Tweet 41: Lots of people still in this match. Hoping Rhyno goes on a Gore spree.
Tweet 42: Respect for this sequence of the super over mid-card lads eliminating one another.
Tweet 43: Lol at it ending with Barry Corbin.
Tweet 44: Rhyno yet to hit a Gore ffs.
Tweet 45: Murphy spamming skinning the cat like a champ here.
Tweet 46: Strong final four of Breeze, Crews, Joe, and Barry.
Tweet 47: Crowd were most into Breeze. Joe eliminated him, natch.
Tweet 48: Breeze eliminating Joe and the audience thanking him. Mate, a Joe heel turn would WORK. #justsaying
Tweet 49: Liking Crews and Barry just having a match to end this. Good call.

He can win a battle royal, but he can he beat a man with a demon living inside him?

Tweet 50: Crews won. Pfffffft should've been Danny Burch...
Tweet 51: Only one match of substance but that was a good show. Clear where they're going with the singles belts. Good hustle, everyone.

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