Saturday 31 October 2015

NXTweet 28.10.15

An episode of NXT which saw Hallowe'en (note the apostrophe) mentioned a few times. Sadly there was nothing as monumental as John Cena debuting a rapper gimmick and saving his career. There was some nifty rasslin' though. Swings and roundabouts...


Tweet 1: Watching NXT... NOW.
Tweet 2: Didn't we get Dash and Dawson v Enzo and Cass last week? Maybe I'm misremembering...

Emma v Shazza

Tweet 3: Emma. #heelsweargloves
Tweet 4: Shazza bears a resemblance to Alexa Bliss when she debuted and was buffer than she is now.
Tweet 5: Feel kind of sad for Emma. She was in the women's division when it was first getting good then got called up and paired with Santino.
Tweet 6: When she got dropped back to NXT a bunch of other women had grabbed the top spots. She has really bad timing.

Alexa Bliss 2.0 tapped.

Tweet 7: Emma > Mutoh

Tom Phillips interviews James Storm

Tweet 8: Recapping James Storm's debut as a big deal. Good lord.
Tweet 9: Backstage interview for James Storm here. NXT suddenly has the stink of Impact to it.
Tweet 10: I enjoyed Tom Phillips acting like a giddy mark for Storm there.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable v Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Tweet 11: Jordan. Gable. #toplads
Tweet 12: Tommaso Ciampa should make use of his initials and start referring to himself as 'Topcat'.
Tweet 13: Astounded by Gable's ability. Deserves those Angle-esque chants. The lad's a natural.
Tweet 14: I can see elements of Angle, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in Gable. No idea if anyone would agree. Don't really care either tbh.

Big fan of Gable. Indifferent to Ciampa.

Tweet 15: Johnny Gargano's spear still needs to be dropped.
Tweet 16: Jason Jordan's one weakness is that he wrestles in sneakers.
Tweet 17: He throws a way better spear than Gargano though.
Tweet 18: When Gargano signs a full contract he'll change his name to Gary Garygano.
Tweet 19: "Man they are fun to watch!" - Corey Graves, stealing one from the JBL playbook

Devin Taylor interviews Bayley

Tweet 20: "Bayley, what's your opinion of Alexa Bliss hating you?"
Tweet 21: Bayley here, branding herself an inspiration. The heel turn is on the horizon.

Eva Marie live from Paris

Tweet 22: EMNN update: she's still on holiday in Paris.

Nia Jax v Kay Lee Ray

Tweet 23: Nia Kong with her second TV match here. Probably won't last long.
Tweet 24: At one minute this has already lasted longer than I expected.

Power, apparently.

Tweet 25: Nia Jax no-selling drop kicks. That works against NXT enhancement but she couldn't pull a stunt like that against The Nikki Bella.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore v Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 26: Last week: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder gave Enzo and Cass a kicking.
Tweet 27: Surprised Enzo's shtick being interrupted didn't get more heat tbh.

The Brainbusters v Kevin Nash and Road Dogg: the feud we thought we'd never see!

Tweet 28: Big Cass Nash selling like a champ here. His dad Kev would be appalled.
Tweet 29: I'm a fan of Scott Dawson's jelly baby physique.

Tom Phillips interviews Alexa Bliss, featuring Blake and Murphy

Tweet 30: I'd pay good money to be called a human mic stand by Alexa Bliss. #justsaying
Tweet 31: 'The Hollywood Fashion Plate' Wesley Blake.

Samoa Joe v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 32: Oh, hey. It's Tyler.
Tweet 33: Remember when Tyler Breeze hooked up with Summer Rae and appeared on SmackDown? Rich Brennan sure does!
Tweet 34: Samoa Joseph doing the flies there. That's how you know this is a main event.
Tweet 35: Lol at Breeze doing a lungblower type move and the commentary lads putting over his strength. He's just falling.
Tweet 36: A few women in the audience with a "Breeze is gorgeous!" chant there. Going to assume it's a hen party.
Tweet 37: Do they even have "hen parties" in the colonies?

Not even tassels can overcome the power of big Joe.

Tweet 38: If Joe stays in NXT forever and never makes the main roster, as seems entirely possible, will he make it into the Hall of Fame?
Tweet 39: Sad that Joe choked out Breeze but it was a fun match and a not at all surprising outcome.
Tweet 40: At least Breeze is getting to work with Ziggler. Those should be good matches.
Tweet 41: Still hoping for Breeze v Doug Williams at Takeover: London.

Finn Bálor promo

Tweet 42: Another backstage finish here. Weird.
Tweet 43: Big Match Finn putting over Apollo Crews. Good lad.
Tweet 44: Good show that. Good hustle.

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