Saturday 15 August 2015

NXTweet 12.08.15

Is NXT as good as it was six months or a year ago? I don't think so. If Twitter and wrestling news (by which I mean gossip and rumour) sites are anything anything to go by a fair number of people are with me. The trouble is that the show has lost a lot of its key players over the last few months. Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami went out to injuries. Adrian Neville got promoted. Kevin Owens is still around for the time being but he and Finn Bálor seem to be having their developmental appearances rationed, presumably to make us appreciate seeing them that bit more.

This isn't a problem. The point of NXT is to provide a platform for less experienced wrestlers to get better, and veterans with less experience of wrestling in a TV environment get comfortable in that environment. The likes of Baron Corbin, Enzo and Cass, the Vaudevillains, and Alexa Bliss are the ones who should be benefitting from NXT.

Owens, Zayn, Itami and the rest are there to draw us in as viewers. Their absence is disappointing but understandable. And it's not like the show is entirely bereft of indy darlings. Bálor and Owens are still there. The former Uhaa Nation will debut at Takeover. Tyler Breeze is pretty much an honorary former indy standout at this point thanks to his stellar work over the last year. NXT may not be as good as it has been but it's still a must-watch show that focuses on using pro wrestling as a storytelling means. Which, personally, is what I want form a wrestling show as much as great matches.


Tweet 1: You want tweets about NXT? YOU GOT IT!
Tweet 2: That was a Frank Costanza reference done badly.
Tweet 3: Last week Billy Regal was asked about giving the title match at Takeover a ladder stip. He made the stip seem special and dangerous.
Tweet 4: Contrast that with Main Roster WWE doing ladder themed PPVs because they're too lazy to give us interesting booking.
Tweet 5: Big fan of Regal being like "Nah, not making it a ladder match" then making it a ladder match.

Tye Dillinger v Solomon Crowe

Tweet 6: Remember when Solomon Crowe was a hacker? Now he's a man the commentators tell us "thrives on chaos". My word.
Tweet 7: Tye Dillinger is a solid 7 at best.
Tweet 8: Solomon Crowe is now the guy who faces the newly gimmicked lads. He needs to disappear for a bit and come back repackaged.
Tweet 9: I've said it before, I'll say it again: he should have stuck with the shirt and tie look.
Tweet 10: Your tattoo of a big cat is not a perfect 10, Tye.
Tweet 11: Exposed knee alert. This is about to get real...

Not 10.

Tweet 12: Tye Dillinger looking genuinely amazed that he won clean there.
Tweet 13: I bet Dillinger didn't even make that sign himself. What a phoney!

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley talk about Mojo being hyped backstage

Tweet 14: "I been blowin' you up all night!" - Mojo Rawley to Zack Ryder

Barry Corbin v Axel Tischer

Tweet 15: What's up with all this screen time for Barry Corbin lately?
Tweet 16: Barry Corbin wins via star tattoos and wolf magic.
Tweet 17: "I am the real deal!" - Barry Corbin, who isn't
Tweet 18: I do like him putting over his finisher though. Too many wrestlers just chat about being generally great.
Tweet 19: Samoa Joe versus Barry Corbin. Do we have to?
Tweet 20: Joe's taken his towel off. He means business.

Barry's got another big lad fight coming his way and he's probably losing it.

Tweet 21: Legitimately amazed at the booking of this confrontation. Corbin being booked to smack Joe around for a bit is so un-WWE.
Tweet 22: Normally the heel would run off. Corbin wasn't made to look cowardly before getting Joe'd.

Bull Dempsey workout video

Tweet 23: I'm going to miss the hoss version of Bull Dempsey.

Finn Bálor v Marcus Louis

Tweet 24: I'm still such a fan of Marcus Louis' unhinged gimmick. Basically the NXT version of Kane.
Tweet 25: I hope Marcus is still in NXT in ten years, being thought of exactly like Kane is on the main roster.
Tweet 26: The please retire mentality.

Baby Kane with his egg head.

Tweet 27:  Marcus Louis' head is very egg-like. How about doing something with that?
Tweet 28: Do a story where he believes himself to be a mutated ostrich egg. The twist comes when it's revealed HE ACTUALLY IS.
Tweet 29: Intrigued that Finn continues to use the Kliq hand sign so prominently. That could be some foreshadowing for something years away.
Tweet 30: Almost certainly isn't though.
Tweet 31: Kevin Owens attacks Finn Bálor. They have a ruck at ringside then Finn gets power bombed in the ring.

Title change coming? Naaaaaah...

Tweet 32: Imagine if this set up a storyline back injury for Finn and they did a title change.
Tweet 33: I wouldn't be against a title change tbh. Can't really see it happening though. Finn seems like the future focus of NXT.

The Vaudevillains get slapped by Alexa Bliss

Tweet 34: Don't worry, lads, the Vaudevillains have A Plan.
Tweet 35: Is the woman the Vaudevillains are bringing in Rock's most recently signed cousin? I'm voting yes.

Apollo Crews hype video

Tweet 36: Apollo Crews v TBD. Should be an excellent match.

Number one contenders match: Bayley v Becky Lynch

Tweet 37: Pumped for Sasha Banks on commentary.
Tweet 38: Byron Saxton staring around like a textbook #creep here.

Look at that selling though. So pro.

Tweet 39: I like this look Becky Lynch has had since the last Takeover but what is she meant to be? Actually what?
Tweet 40: Saying steampunk is all well and good but that's not an answer. She's not a steampunk.
Tweet 41: Is she just meant to be really into steam or something?
Tweet 42: Fan of steam, Becky Lynch.
Tweet 43: Strong chat between Graves and Banks. Proof that Graves is the man holding that commentary team together I reckon.
Tweet 44: Jay Z is part-owner of the Barclay Center? I don't know why but I find that really funny.
Tweet 45: Becky with some absolutely devastating running leg drops there, brother.
Tweet 46: I wonder what Hogan's up to right now. "Something unsavoury" seems a safe bet.
Tweet 47: Really hope Hogan crops up on 5's Celebrity Big Brother in a week or two. 4 wouldn't have touched him after this racism thing. 5 might.
Tweet 48: Liking the story of this match. Becky's going after Bayley's arm because she knows her finisher is killer she will get her a win.
Tweet 49: Bayley's just trying to survive.
Tweet 50: Desperation rollup as Becky tries to lock in the armbar gets Bayley the win. Good, logical end to the story. Thumbs up.

'The Boss' versus 'The Hugger', coming soon.

Tweet 51: Another number one contender for the women's championship, another episode ending with Sasha standing on a table.
Tweet 52: Good episode, everyone.

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