Saturday 1 August 2015

NXTweet 29.07.15

A tag team title match headlined this week's NXT. That it had a shenanigan finish makes it clear that there's a rematch coming at Takeover. Also, The Not-Mechanics get an "upset" win, Charlotte and Dana Brooke fight about a sports T-shirt deal, and Kevin Owens becomes the king of British indies.


Tweet 1: It's go NXT time yeah, brother!
Tweet 2: I think we're all looking forward to an NXT focusing on Barry Corbin, Solomon Crowe, the Dubstep Cowboys and Alex Riley.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 3: Kinda miss Carmella getting booed for being a hairdresser or whatever tbh.
Tweet 4: Also missing Scott and Dash being called The Mechanics because Christ that's a lol name for a tag team.
Tweet 5: This absurd mullet on Enzo though.
Tweet 6: The Not-Mechanics grew up together in the Carolinas. Looking forward to the commentary gang talking up them being influenced by OMEGA.
Tweet 7: If this were a computer game Dawson and Wilder would both have Arn Anderson move sets.
Tweet 8: I bet Kevin Nash is disgusted by the amount of running about Big Cass does.

Shatter Machine, bah gawd!!

Tweet 9: Dawson + Wilder + SHATTER MACHINE = No Chance in Hell
Tweet 10: Reminder that Charlotte and Dana Brooke are feuding over an advert there. Very WrestleMania X8...

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan talk backstage

Tweet 11: Chad Gable talking about other tag teams and how he and Jason Jordan are better them there.
Tweet 12: I like this team but I don't really know why.

Video package hyping Charlotte v Dana Brooke

Tweet 13: Video package explaining Dana Brooke and Charlotte's rivalry about being in a Tap Out advert. Yeah. This is actually happening.
Tweet 14: I get why they're doing it and I like the realism twist and all but it's very clearly being done to advertise Tap Out more.

Baron Corbin v Jesse Sorensen

Tweet 15: 'Wolf Shaman' Barry Corbin coming out with his wet T-shirt and wolf powers. Amazing.
Tweet 16: Oh look, it's that lad TNA made resort to food stamps.
Tweet 17: Barry's going to the pay window, daddy!

Tyler Breeze storms into William Regal's office and reiterates that he wants a special opponent at Takeover

Tweet 18: I really want that to be Billy Regal's shoot office.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable v Elias Samson Levis Valenzuela Jr

Tweet 19: Anyone on commentary going to acknowledge that Chad Gable's outfit matches Dawkins and Fulton's? No? Okay.

Valenzuela Jr putting his hands out exposes the business.

Tweet 20: "You don't have to be best friends to be great tag team partners" - Corey Graves
Tweet 21: That's true. Matt and Jeff HATED each other back in the day.
Tweet 22: Crying shame that nobody talks about popping hips on suplexes anymore.

Dana Brooke talks to Devin Taylor

Tweet 23: Pick a camera and stick with it, Dana.
Tweet 24: Still slow burning this Devin Taylor v Dana Brooke feud. Going to be wrestling's hottest feud when they pull the trigger.

Bull-Fit video

Tweet 25: Just a video package reminding us that Bull Dempsey's a slob. No big.
Tweet 26: I hope this Bull Dempsey thing is leading to the return of Simon Dean.
Tweet 27: They really are sending you a message, Bull mate.

Charlotte v Dana Brooke

Tweet 28: I wish Dana had shown up on RAW and attacked Reigns for being chosen for the Tap Out ads.
Tweet 29: Dana's been put in Chucks to wrestle as a rib on AJ Lee.

This wasn't bad but it could have been better.

Tweet 30: "I don't suck" - Dana Brooke in response to the audience telling her she sucks
Tweet 31: Dana should bring back D'Lo's "Who sucks now?" bit.
Tweet 32: The NXT crowd are defs smart enough to do the "You do!" reply.
Tweet 33: That was not the feature match I expected. Had the result I expected though.

Samoa Joe talks about his match next week

Tweet 34: Earlier today Samoa Joe was hanging around in a corridor talking about people asking what he's doing in NXT. Great stuff. Compelling TV.

Kevin Owens apologises for hitting William Regal last week

Tweet 35: Surprising sound issues on this Regal-Owens bit. Very unlike WWE.
Tweet 36: Imagine if Owens got the title back at Takeover though.

Eva Marie announces her goals

Tweet 37: If they put they women's title on Eva Marie they could do some pretty interesting stuff. Have her Xavier it. Go full-on undeserving champ.

Kevin Owens v Martin Stone

Tweet 38: Danny Burch is back then.
Tweet 39: I remember when Martin Stone was getting hyped as the future of the British indies.

Notice that Stone always wears the same gear...?

Tweet 40: Owens wins and is now the king of British wrestling.
Tweet 41: Saddened Stone didn't take that pop-up power bomb on his elbows tbh.

Rhyno hype video

Tweet 42: "Let's take a look at Samoa Joe's opponent next week: Rhyno!" *cut to a shot of an actual rhino*
Tweet 43: Rhyno's great. One of the few mid-card acts he's been so consistently good he's forced WWE to protect him.

NXT tag team championship: The Vaudevillains v Blake and Murphy (c)

Tweet 44: Talkies stars versus 90's kids TV presenters. Highlight of the wrestling year right here.
Tweet 45: Loving Blake's Triple H circa 1994 haircut.
Tweet 46: Corey Graves casually making jokes about Byron 'Petulant Child' Saxton being a cuckold. #PGera
Tweet 47: Blake's hair is a political power play.
Tweet 48: I've a feeling Triple H wants Blake and Murphy to be a tag team version of Ric Flair. Really great wrestlers who take shortcuts.
Tweet 49: Trouble is they're not actually great wrestlers.
Tweet 50: I'm mainly basing this on Blake's hair, the fact that they've been champions for a while now, and the way they're booked as a bit cowardly.
Tweet 51: So Gotch and English are getting the tag straps at Takeover: Brooklyn, yeah?

This is the best shot of this match form the WWE website. It's poor.

Tweet 52: Nice ending there. The Vaudevillains had Alexa cornered but held the ropes for her to leave because chivalry. She slapped them.
Tweet 53: Imagine how that would have gone down in the Attitude Era. Bliss would have been piledriven and put through a table.
Tweet 54: Nice to be reminded that progress has been made in wrestling. Not much but a bit.
Tweet 55: Anyway, good show, everyone. Good hustle.

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