Saturday 13 June 2015

NXTweet 10.06.15

The debut of Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch's first TV appearance since her hard-fought loss at Unstoppable, and, most importantly, the return of Mojo Rawley!


Tweet 1: Alright. NXT.
Tweet 2: Samoa Joe's an angry lad, isn't he?

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley v Elias Sampson and Mike Rawlis

Tweet 3: Zack Ryder. Oh no no.
Tweet 4: Pairing Ryder with Mojo is a good move though. Get some of that 2011 Ryder buzz rubbed off onto him.
Tweet 5: Mojo has the stink of a 1993 WCW mid-carder to him.
Tweet 6: Liking Ryder's trunks to be fair. Nice colour combo. I like colours.
Tweet 7: Big fan of Graves referencing MySpace. Drop a Bebo reference, I dare you.

Just a couple of hyped lads.

Tweet 8: Big win there for Mojo and Ryder over two jobber lads. BIg win. BIG win. Big WIN. #bigwin

Finn Bálor video

Tweet 9: Finn Bálor has a dark side. As evidenced by that video where his eyes went dark because of computer graphics stuff.

Dana Brooke video

Tweet 10: Dana Brooke reading there.
Tweet 11: This video is doing Dana a lot of favours. I think she's great already, to be fair.
Tweet 12: "I'm the total package!" - Dana Brooke linking herself to super-worker Lex Luger

Emma v Blue Pants

Tweet 13: Insane reaction for Blue Pants.
Tweet 14: Loling so hard at Emma's ultra-heelish attack from behind.
Tweet 15: Does Emma even do anything on the main roster anymore?

Emma's mean, yo.

Tweet 16: Obvs she's better off creatively in NXT but she had that time on the main roster and the division there is pretty light. Why not use her?
Tweet 17: Emma v Nikki and Emma v Naomi could be great. And she and Paige deserve some matches on the main roster.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella promo

Tweet 18: Why is Carmella talking for Enzo?
Tweet 19: Ahhhhhh, here we go. Straight in with a Hunger Games reference. Strong.
Tweet 20: "I got plenty of time I got no time for this" - Enzo Amore

Bull Dempsey v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 21: Bull Dempsey match coming up. Remember when he blocked me on Twitter for reasons unknown?
Tweet 22: This is going to be my thing for Bull matches for the foreseeable future: mentioning he blocked me. Not like they're worth discussing.
Tweet 23: He is in there with Breeze though... *swoons*
Tweet 24: Maybe Bull blocked me for comparing him to Taz?
Tweet 25: Straight into a rest hold. Classic Bull.
Tweet 26: Bull's going for a top rope headbutt. I really want Byron or someone to reference Benoit, triggering an awkward silence.

They're sending you a pretty clear message, Bull mate.

Tweet 27: Loling hard at Bull being given a gimmick where he doesn't bother with cardio. Subtle move from creative that.

Jessie McKay v Becky Lynch

Tweet 28: Right now on NXT: remember that time less than a month ago when Becky Lynch lost a match? Harrowing stuff.
Tweet 29: Becky has retained her steampunk entrance. Smart move.
Tweet 30: Give her some big lad dressed as a robot butler as a manager. People will go mad for that.
Tweet 31: Oh hai Jessie McKay.
Tweet 32: Jessie is starting the journey Becky's been on: searching for a gimmick or strong performance to make fans care about her.
Tweet 33: Jessie's long knee pads will not be the key to her success.

This look on Becky has helped win me over on her.

Tweet 34: That match was a nice demonstration that Lynch isn't at a point where she can carry people to great matches.
Tweet 35: NXT is developmental though, so carrying people isn't necessarily the point.

William Regal makes an announcement then tells Bull Dempsey to get in shape

Tweet 36: #Regalpop
Tweet 37: Ahhhhhh Bull's new gimmick is less about lack of cardio abilities and more about general slobbishness. I'm a fan of this.
Tweet 38: "Listen, flower..." - William Regal channeling Eric Morecambe

Jason Jordan updates us on his tag team status

Tweet 39: Jason Jordan has a NEW tag partner. They'll lose. Maybe he'll get a third partner and they'll lose too.
Tweet 40: Jordan and Gable will then tag together and win. Jordan will be well impressed and they'll go on to live happily ever after.

Baron Corbin v Angelo Dawkins

Tweet 41: 'Wolf Shaman' Barry Corbin here. Looking forward to him using his wolf magic to beat this week's jobber.
Tweet 42: Angelo Dawkins is better than losing to Barry I reckon.
Tweet 43: Big fan of Corbin continuing to wrestle short matches just not as short as they were a while ago, and this change making him a heel.
Tweet 44: I think we can all agree it's going to be great when Owens drops the title to Balor and goes to RAW, leaving Bálor to feud with Corbin.
Tweet 45: Dawkins would have won if Sawyer Fulton had bothered to go to the ring and give him some moral support.

Scott Dawson v Samoa Joe

Tweet 46: Loling that Samoa Joe's first official WWE match is against Scott Dawson.
Tweet 47: Joe getting hyped as "one of the most dangerous men walking the planet" there.
Tweet 48: I like Owens saying he's not intimidated by Joe. Realistically why would he be? As he's pointed out he beat Cena in their first meeting.
Tweet 49: Kinda depressed Joe didn't get to beat CJ Parker in his debut match. I miss CJP.

Kthnxbye, Scott.

Tweet 50: Imagine if Ryback appeared and attacked Joe for using his finish.
Tweet 51: "First of all, Joe, I don't really run anywhere" - Kevin Owens
Tweet 52: Dying at these veteran and rookie comments from Owens. And the hypocrisy of him saying Joe has to earn a title match.
Tweet 53: Big, bad Billy Regal's putting in an appearance here. Casually dropping Joe v Owens for next week's show.
Tweet 54: Good show, everyone. I liked your hustle.

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