Saturday 20 December 2014

NXTweet 18.12.14

Just one week after the excellent Takeover: R Evolution show could the NXT crew put on another top notch night? Of course they could! They’re the best crew in wrestling.


Tweet 1: So you want me to tweet about NXT, do you...?
Tweet 2: Straight into the credits. Bit weird. I assumed we'd be reminded of Sami Zayn's #epicwin
Tweet 3: Ahhhhhh... Rich Brennan's talking about it. Maybe they think that's enough.

Adrian Neville promo featuring Kevin Owens

Tweet 4: Subdued, understated even, standing ovation for Adrian Neville. Crowd people expected Zayn.
Tweet 5: Still, it does give us a chance to look at Nev's lovely little Orc ears.
Tweet 6: I say lovely…
Tweet 7: Kevin Owens is going to have to work hard to make people boo him in NXT.

Dramatic camera angle.

Tweet 8: Little recap. Nev wanted to introduce new champ Sami Zayn but can't because Owens injured him.
Tweet 9: Owens wants to get to the top and he'll fight anyone on his way there. Including Nev. Good segment. Simple, clear, logical.

Devin Taylor speaks to Becky Lynch backstage

Tweet 10: Becky Lynch is giving an Oirish promo. Expecting a "fella" an second...
Tweet 11: "... she can see the person that will end her career. Permanently." Because careers can be ended temporarily.
Tweet 12: Regal has apparently confirmed Neville v Owens for the main event. Corey Graves says it's a combustible situation. Must try harder, Corey.

Becky Lynch v Bayley

Tweet 13: "I have a question: I hope that knee is okay" - Lord A-Train, misunderstanding questions
Tweet 14: First Becky was doing an Irish jig and now she's awkwardly acting like a clichéd rocker chick.
Tweet 15: Just noticed we've got Charles Robinson refereeing this match. #littleNaitch
Tweet 16: Not commented on Bayley yet. She's being great, obvs.
Tweet 17: Kind of hoping Robinson busts out a cartwheel when he goes for a count.

New gear. New submission. New day. Just not The New Day...

Tweet 18: Becky has new gear. It's way better than that plaid stuff she had.
Tweet 19: Becky wins with her four-leg clover hold. It's called that because she's Irish!

The Vaudevillains speak to William Regal about getting a tag title rematch

Tweet 20: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 21: #Gotchvoicepop
Tweet 22: Legal man storyline in the tag division. You're not getting THAT on the main roster.

Bull Dempsey v Unnamed Jobber

Tweet 23: Bull Dempsey versus a guy in some rather fetching tights. They're green with what I think is a dragon on them.
Tweet 24: Bull finishing matches with the flying headbutt is so lol.
Tweet 25: Because, y'know, Benoit was a thing.

Baron Corbin v Another Unnamed Jobber

Tweet 26: Baron Corbin walking through spotlights on the stage and them flickering off? I'm a massive fan of that.
Tweet 27: Corbin versus Vanilla Ice here.

Natural position for the victim's legs isn't it?

Tweet 28: He should be called Baron Von Corbin. I'd find it funny.
Tweet 29: Laughing so hard at Dempsey giving Corbin a playground push and running off smirking.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Ascension

Tweet 30: You may not be able to teach being "hot as hell" but you can buy it. As Carmella demonstrates.
Tweet 31: Not a natural look, is what I’m saying.
Tweet 32: Big Cass can hold a note. Sing-off with Aiden English. #bookit
Tweet 33: Anyone else spend long winter evenings reminiscing about The Ascension's Game of Thrones phase?
Tweet 34: Konor no-selling has cracked me up.
Tweet 35: Oh noes!! Enzo got pinned while he was trying to impress Carmella.
Tweet 36: Viktor and Konor want another match with Itami and Bálor? Maaaaaan, let the new lads face other people.
Tweet 37: In fairness that rematch will probably be Itami and Bálor beating The Ascension nice and quick before The Ascension go all main roster.

Adrian Neville v Kevin Owens

Tweet 38: You'll be pleased to know the crowd are back into Neville.
Tweet 39: Corey Graves just called Jason Bloom "Albert". Obviously an Attitude Era fan.
Tweet 40: Loving Owens mouthing off mid-match. I was worried that would be stopped in NXT.
Tweet 41: Really enjoying this Kevin Steen v PAC match.
Tweet 42: "I don't know if he's trying to win or beat 'im!" - Lord Bernard
Tweet 43: Neville does his top rope drop kick in a similar way to Finn Bálor. I'm beginning to think it's a British and Irish thing.
Tweet 44: Hammerlock UK thing, bruv.

Jake would be proud.

Tweet 45: Nasty fall off the top rope by Neville. Nastier DDT afterwards.
Tweet 46: I don't know about you but I'm satisfied by that double count out finish. #sarcasm
Tweet 47: Owens sending us home happy with a post-match apron bomb and a roar-screech. Excellent stuff. Good show.

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  1. Cass and English did a sing-off about 6 months ago, pre-vaudevillains, surely?

    Also was kind of assuming this was ascension's last win... Guess we'll see :)

    Also also couldn't help pointing out the Kevin Owens in-ring nattering as *so* indie!