Saturday 6 December 2014

NXTweet 04.12.14

A cracking episode of NXT. Good matches, good gimmicks and good build to the following week’s major show. Realistically, it could not get better.

Charlotte v Mia Yim

Tweet 1: I'm only watching NXT ain't I, you mugs!
Tweet 2: Charlotte wearing the same clothes she wore two weeks ago. What an absolute tramp.
Tweet 3: It’s only Mia Yim!
Tweet 4: This would've been filmed months ago so it's not clear if it can be considered champion versus champion. I'm up for counting it.
Tweet 5: Booked like that time WWF champ Triple H faced ECW champ Tazz.
Tweet 6: Sasha comes out. Charlotte starts a ratchet chant. Sasha talks smack about Charlotte's "pathetic old man."
Tweet 7: Now Bayley's come out on crutches and Sasha's pulled an Owen and kicked the leg out of her leg.

Looks like we're set for another solid women's championship match. "Good" to that.

Tweet 8: That was good stuff that was.

Vaudevillains vignette

Tweet 9: Simon Gotch taming a lion there. #standard
Tweet 10: Beautiful use of stock footage.
Tweet 11: You can tell Kevin Dunn had nothing to do with that.

The Vaudevillains v Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

Tweet 12: Murphy and Blake. Burphy and Mlake. Their music is absolutely hilarious. The most generic sound imaginable.
Tweet 13: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 14: I'm way more interested in The Vaudevillains than the lucha lads.
Tweet 15: "Wesley Blake, one of the strongest superstars in all of NXT" - Prince Train
Tweet 16: Tag to the powerhouse Simon Gotch there.

Simon 'Knee Tweak' Gotch always gets the job done.

Tweet 17: "Beating a team twice is very difficult" - Albert Bloom, talking nonsense
Tweet 18: I like Gotch and English but that double team finish is less than spectacular. An uppercut to the back of the head and then a neck breaker?
Tweet 19: C’mon lads…

William Regal, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd backstage

Tweet 20: Regal making tag matches on the fly. #playa #holla
Tweet 21: "That better not be cat fur!" - Tyson Kidd to Tyler Breeze
Tweet 22: And just like that I became more accepting of Tyson Kidd.

Elias Sampson v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 23: Bull Dempsey going for a quick win on Elias Sampson. I see what they're doing, and I approve.

Steve Cutler v Baron Corbin

Tweet 24: Baron Corbin's music starts with motorbike noises. Hadn't picked up on that before. Makes me like him less tbh.
Tweet 25: A kick and a move. Some squashes are just silly.
Tweet 26: Get Alex Riley off my TV screen, I don't want to see his face! #TheDayToday

Kevin Owens hype video

Tweet 27: Kevin Owens video with him talking about being passed over in favour of other guys. Absolutely great approach.
Tweet 28: Gives Owens another level of motivation.
Tweet 29: Sadly, the time has come for me to stop pretending I don't know he's Kevin Steen. #sadtimes

Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd v Hideo Itami and Finn Bálor

Tweet 30: Look, everyone! It's Tyler! *swoons*
Tweet 31: Feels like The Ascension have only had one official match since the last Takeover show. Lots of Itami beat downs filling their time.
Tweet 32: Yeah, do a forward roll, Finn. Why not, eh?
Tweet 33: Bálor and Itami don't seem too bothered with interacting with the crowd. Bit worrying.


Tweet 34: Fair play to Tyson, he's roaring his little heart out trying to get the audience to react.
Tweet 35: I imagine part of the problem is that this would've been at the end of a taping. Audience are probs knackered.
Tweet 36: "There's that soccer kick!" - Alex Riley on the Pele kick
Tweet 37: Rare use of the SmackDown Crowd Noise Machine on NXT for that finish.

Adrian Nevil and Sami Zayn in-ring promo

Tweet 38: Disappointed Adrian Neville isn't sporting his 1999 Matt Hardy look here.
Tweet 39: Nev's going to win AT ANY COST. That sounds heelish to me.
Tweet 40: Zayn lacks a killer instinct and an edge, says the Nevster. Be more Godzilla, bro.

This match could be one of WWE's best of the year.

Tweet 41: If Neville does go heel it deserves to work. They're doing a good job teasing it and he sees himself as the good guy.
Tweet 42: Nev saying the R Evolution match will be the best of their careers. Peaking early.
Tweet 43: Loved that segment. Great work from both guys. More hyped for that main event than any since WrestleMania.
Tweet 44: Why can't RAW and the pay-per-views be written this well?

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