Sunday 10 November 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 17

Could this guy be 'The Man'?
Due to the nature of recording schedules there are sometimes references on podcasts that seem incongruous, peculiar or just plain incorrect. This episode features such an example. I refer to Cena potentially making his return at the Royal Rumble. In my defence this episode was recorded at the end of September and Cena has Wolverine-like healing abilities. There was no way I could have known he’d be back in action, as the World Heavyweight champion no less, by the time this got posted.

The central focus of the episode is how far three guys could make it up the WWE roster. Yeah, it’s one of those episodes. The men in question of Brodus Clay, The Ryback, and Big E Langston. It’s a big man special!
Also featured, in the opening moments, is a rant about hipsters buying food in Burger King. I’ll leave the identity of the ranter as a surprise.

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