Tuesday 14 August 2012

Dynamic Duos

Yesterday I stated that WWE retooling their tag team division would be a good way of allowing underutilised performers the chance to get themselves over (read that here). I listed a number of wrestlers currently working on the main roster (or ready to advance to it from NXT) and would now like to go a step further and discuss some pairings.

The first team that suggests itself is Jack Swagger and Johnny Curtis. Those two would complement one another nicely. Swagger is a (mostly) reliable worker who lacks the charisma needed to establish himself in any meaningful sense. Curtis meanwhile always strikes me as being a little basic with his repertoire but very good when it comes to getting his character over (especially impressive considering how little time on TV he gets).

Pairing ‘Dirty Curty’ and ‘The All American American’ would allow them to cover each other’s weak points. It would perhaps allow them to learn from one another too. It would also give the doubles scene a classic big man-small pairing. The two could have some solid clashes with current champs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

Another potentially interesting tandem would be Drew McIntyre and Michael McGillicutty. The son of Mr Perfect made it to the main roster in 2010 as part of the Nexus angle but ended up being sent back to developmental in early 2011, either because the creative team were losing interest in Nexus or because it was decided he wasn’t a good enough worker (or maybe both).

McIntyre received a very strong push back in 2009. He was given the Intercontinental title (which is a fairly worthless belt these days but it was a nice gesture) and was permitted to share screen time with Vince McMahon. He was even dubbed ‘The Chosen One’ by the boss! There’s an indication that a guy’s headed to the top of ever there was one.

But the Scot didn’t progress beyond the mid-card. His push faltered then stopped completely and he has spent much of the last two years drifting aimlessly. Teaming him with McGillicutty would allow two guys of similar ability the opportunity to reinvent themselves and contribute to the company’s programming in a more meaningful fashion.

That’s two heel tandems and no babyfaces so far. How about pairing up Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan? That may sound like a recipe for disaster but there’s a reason I’d suggest putting them together: both have shown signs of being able to get over as fan favourites in the past.
If you think this is exciting wait until you see him do a scoop slam!

Mason Ryan (formerly Goliath on ITV’s Gladiators revival) swerve-turned on Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero in the autumn of last year, which started a brief feud between him and ‘The Show Off’. While Ziggler carried Ryan through all of their matches it cannot be denied that fans rallied behind the Welshman.

Similarly Jackson had some solid fan support during his Intercontinental championship feud with Wade Barrett last year. During some matches he even managed to get crowds cheering his multiple scoop slams. Yes, scoop slams.

I think that putting Ryan and ‘The Personification of Domination’ together would create a team that could get over as big, powerful babyfaces. They’d need to be protected with short squash wins but if booked right they could get over as a Road Warriors-esque unit. Ryback has proven that fans will still get behind a squash artist.

Yoshi Tatsu and Derrick Bateman could be booked as plucky underdogs. Their size would allow them to appear more sympathetic than the other teams suggested here, and work a quicker, more athletic style that would help to set them apart.

JTG and Trent Barreta would be the last two guys left. They could work as either good guys or bad guys and would be another big man-small man combo to use. These two have so little going on right now that being paired up could only be an improvement for them.

Creating these five teams would require much work and wouldn’t stop them appearing in singles bouts on Superstars. They could simply have a tag partner with them at ringside when they appear on the show.

The main roster currently has only a few teams of note. Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are joined by Epico and Primo, the Prime Time Players, the MidCard Mafia and Hunico and Camacho. That’s not much of a division.

What I’ve proposed above would immediately double the size of the tag ranks, creating plenty of options for the booking team. They could even start using Sakamoto as a wrestler and pair him with Tensai. The Ascension are ready to be promoted from NXT too.

WWE has plenty of options when it comes to tag team wrestling. As I explained in my previous post there are plenty of reasons to start making better use of the doubles ranks. With RAW currently at three hours there’s ample time for promoting these renewed acts and giving them the chance to get over. The company has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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  1. Interesting that you put Jackson and Ryan together - mainly because I thought of exactly the same tandem but for different reasons when I did an F5 on this same subject a while back.

    I paired Baretta with Justin Gabriel though bec.. ahh, just check it out here: http://www.twfnews.com/news/headlines/316394104.shtml

    -TWF Dave