Thursday 30 August 2012

NXTweet 29.08.12

Seth Rollins is the new NXT champion! What a shock!

Well, no, not really. Rollins’ title victory was recorded on July 26th, meaning that the result was not a surprise when the tournament final aired. Knowing the outcome of the Mahal v Rollins clash did not detract from its quality though. The two men constructed an evenly paced main event with several tidy spots and enjoyable near falls.

It’s been common knowledge that Rollins is the NXT champ for over a month. What I’m interested in is how the writers will follow up on his victory. A good job was done of establishing the importance of the new strap by the commentary team and the wrestlers, but it can only become truly meaningful if Rollins is booked to defend it often and in exciting matches.

Next week’s show should give us a good indication of what’s in store for Rollins and the belt. I hope it’s positive.
Derrick Bateman doesn't look impressed
The title tournament may have been the focus of this week’s episode but it wasn’t all that happened. Big E Langston was given his second squash victory. It was decent enough for what it was.

A feud between the Usos and the Ascension was progressed when O’Brian and Cameron jumped Jimmy and Jey during their lights out entrance. A one-sided beating was topped off with Total Elimination to one of Rikishi’s boys. It was nothing ground-breaking but it didn’t need to be: it created a reason for the two teams to clash at some point in the future

Once again proved to be a well-rounded show. Now it has a figurehead in the form of Rollins I’ll be interested to see if the format changes. I hope it doesn’t. It’s great as it is.


Tweet 1: NXTweet.
Tweet 2: Tyson Kidd is on the opening of the show. Doesn't bode well for his career...

Hunico and Camacho v Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton

Tweet 3: Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton are going to wrestle since the first time since that upset they got a few weeks ago.
Tweet 4: I expect they'll get another win.
Tweet 5: Hunico... No bike in sight. Poor.
Tweet 6: Right then... who's Dalton and who's Jordan?
Tweet 7: You know what Hunico likes to do? Hunico likes to party.
Tweet 8: Hunico, a cruiserweight, just performed a one arm powerbomb. Ridiculous, you say?
Tweet 9: Few things in wrestling irk me more than people being booked as though they're in a different weight class.
Tweet 10: Big Show will perform a Swanton on RAW.
Tweet 11: The heels won by cheating. Presumably there will be a deciding third match soon. I expect the faces will win that.

The Usos call out The Ascension

Tweet 12: The Usos need new ring gear.
Tweet 13: The Ascension: NXT's most confusing gimmick.
Tweet 14: Kronus never needed the ropes for Total Elimination. #justsaying
Tweet 15: Who will leave the NXT Arena as champion, Byron? Seth Rollins. #tapedelay

Big E Langston v Chase Donovan

Tweet 16: He's a big fella... #BigELangston
Tweet 17: Chalking up his hands. That's to show the power gimmick you know?
Tweet 18: Langston seems stiff...
Tweet 19: He has a weird finisher. It's like a cutter but to the torso rather than the neck.
Tweet 20: He should use the Dominator as a finisher. It should be named the Big E Bomb.
Tweet 21: The roster is on the stage. Apparently they want a look at the belt. Why?! It's so ugly!

Briley Pierce interviews Big E Langston

Tweet 22: Briley Pierce looks familiar... #Dolphsbrother
Tweet 23: No words from Langston. Just grunting and heavy breathing. #doeshistalkinginthering

NXT Championship – Seth Rollins v Jinder Mahal

Tweet 24: I can't see the ring announcer... Is it Fink? It sounded like The Fink!
Tweet 25: Here's Dusty. I hope he cuts a scathing promo about how it's the ugliest belt he's ever seen.
Tweet 26: It was Finkel!
Tweet 27: "I truly believe he's going to win tonight" - William Regal on Jinder Mahal
Tweet 28: "The flagbearer of individualism!" - Byron Saxton, sounding a little too much like Matt Striker
Tweet 29: I just caught a glimpse of JINDER MAHAL'S PERSPEX BOX!!
Tweet 30: Anyone else remember Finkel's comedy heel turn on Trish Stratus and Lilian Garcia?
Tweet 31: It happened at SummerSlam. I don't remember which one. I'd say at the very latest it was 2003.
Tweet 32: Mahal does not adhere to the code of honor. #heel
Tweet 33: Rollins took a big bump from the apron onto the ramp. His willingness to do that is one of the reasons he should be on the main roster.
Tweet 34: Why isn't Dusty on commentary?
Tweet 35: He's not on commentary but 'The Dream' is at ringside. He should've been billed as the ringside enforcer.
Tweet 36: "His spine is severely damaged" - William Regal
Tweet 37: Someone needs to tell JR that Rhodes is a GM, not a commissioner.
Tweet 38: How is someone jumping off a turnbuckle to the floor "defyign gravity"? Surely to defy gravity they'd have to float into the air.
Tweet 39: I love the fact that Rollins is so over as a face. It's so rare to get such a positive regular audience in wrestling.
Tweet 40: I've watched ROH's show for the last few weeks and I think the fans at Full Sail are better than those in the Du Burns Arena.
Tweet 41: That's not a reflection on the ROH product, I just think NXT has a louder, more appreciative crowd.
Tweet 42: I want a buckle bomb and I want a buckle bomb NOW.
Tweet 43: Full Nelson slam. Poor attempt at a believable near fall.
Tweet 44: Buckle bomb followed by a Black Out for thw win. Lovely stuff.
Tweet 45: Dusty gives Rollins a hug and a pat on the backside. Erm...
Tweet 46: “Rollins captures the biggest honour of his young career" - Byron Saxton, who clearly isn't a fan of Ring of Honor

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