Thursday 5 July 2012

Kidd Done Good

On the June 29th SmackDown (recorded on Tuesday 26th) Tyson Kidd got a surprising victory over Jack Swagger in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. A win over 'The All American American' is rarely big news but it was in this case: Kidd is one of the few members of the roster who loses more often than Vickie Guerrero's client.
On Monday's RAW Kidd notched up a far more impressive victory when he beat Tensai. That's an honour previously reserved only for megastar John Cena.
Two wins over far bigger opponents higher up the pecking order, one of whom has only ever been booked to lose to established headline talent (unless of course you choose to remember his time as Prince Albert and A-Train) and a spot in a Money in the Bank ladder match. It appears we may have a Tyson Kidd push on our hands.
The closest Kidd has come to a featured spot on the roster before was when he was working as one half of the Hart Dynasty. That was a group consisting of Kidd, son of the British Bulldog David Hart Smith and Kidd’s girlfriend Natalya. It was a hollow attempt by WWE to continue “the Hart legacy.” When it was realised that a push would need to be coupled with the act in order to make fans care about them the writing team lost interest. Gang was split and Kidd quickly found himself working enjoyable but ultimately meaningless matches on Superstars.

Is Tyson Kidd a future Money in the Bank winner?

Barring a short-lived tag team he formed with Justin Gabriel, which was said to be in line for a push before injuries got in the way, Kidd has done nothing of note for years. It's nice to see his ability and hard work rewarded with a spot in a match that will not only grant him a moment in the spotlight but also play to his strengths.

Realistically I can't see Kidd capturing the World Heavyweight title briefcase. I think the most he can hope for is a near miss moment and a memorable spot. That's not say his push won't continue after the show. While it's not a guarantee I would be surprised if WWE went to the trouble of giving Kidd these wins for just a single pay-per-view.
The world titles may seem above Kidd right now but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He could be used as part of a revived mid-card and be built up for a run with the Intercontinental championship. If he wins enough for a couple of months fans should be willing to accept that Kidd's push will last, at which point he could be put into a feud with a heel IC champ.

Christian v Tyson Kidd would be a fine programme but the current output of the WWE writing team makes me doubt they are skilled enough to produce the subtle nuances of a face versus face rivalry. Better to hope a heel drops 'Captain Charisma' in the next few weeks and acts as a caretaker champion while Kidd is readied for a lengthy title reign.
Tyson Kidd is a talented, hard-working wrestler who produces great matches. He is exactly the sort of man WWE should be pushing. I hope this doesn't become the sort of stop-start push which viewers have become all too familiar with because with Tyson Kidd has a chance of creating a new star.

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