Friday 25 November 2011

Truth and Consequences

“In accordance with the Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Ron Killings (R-Truth) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s policy.” – Announcement on the WWE website, 22nd November 2011

Ron 'R-Truth' Killings has received the biggest push of his career over the last six months. He's headlined pay-per-views against WWE's top stars, wrestled for the WWE championship and become one of the most over stars on the company's flagship show. His unhinged schizophrenic gimmick has been one of the highlights of wrestling in 2011. After years of toiling away in the mid-card (not to mention the wasteland that is TNA) Truth had finally made it to the top.
So why did he throw away thirty days of his career by violating the Wellness Policy?
From what's being reported Truth tested positive for a banned substance some time ago. His suspension was delayed until after Survivor Series so that the planned main event could take place and he could be written out of storylines in a convincing way. That's an approach I thought WWE had stopped a few years ago but I'm pleased that's not the case. It allows storylines to reach their planned conclusion, or a version of it, without short-changing fans.

Apparently the practice has irked several other performers on the roster, their reasoning being that WWE is showing preferential treatment because Truth is a heavily pushed star. I can understand the frustration but disagree with it: Truth is receiving the thirty day suspension any talent caught violating the policy would receive. It makes sense to do it at a time convenient to WWE’s television plans. As I said, it’s the best thing for fans and that’s what counts.
Truth apparently violated the Policy at the same time as Evan Bourne. The drug in question is said to be a synthetic marijuana named Spice. It's currently unclassified by US drug laws and so has been placed on WWE's list of banned substances until the United States government decides on how to treat the substance.
Hopefully this indiscretion won't adversely affect R-Truth's standing on RAW. As I mentioned above he's been a highlight of RAW for the last six months and it would be a shame for WWE to deny itself and its fans the chance to benefit from his popularity.
I wrote on Tuesday that Awesome Truth had been split too soon. I still think that, though I now understand why that decision was made. Miz will likely be feuding with CM Punk within the next couple of months, so it’s actually worked out well for him. Presumably he’ll work some sort of feud with Truth on his return.

Both of those rivalries will be something new for WWE fans. That can only be a good thing. Ideally ‘The Sun Tan Superman’ will stay on the heel side of the fence once his program with ‘The Awesome One’ concludes as he’s proven he’s very effective and entertaining in the role. A face turn doesn’t seem entirely out of the question though, and his current popularity despite being a heel could indicate that this six month stint as a rule breaker has been what Truth needed to finally click with the masses.
My guess is that Truth will return on the December 26th RAW, four days after his suspension finishes. I wouldn’t be surprised if that show sees a main event of Miz v Punk for the WWE championship (it’s being held in Punk’s hometown of Chicago) and features a post-match beatdown of Miz by his former tag team partner.

Evan Bourne, who is considerably lower in the company's pecking order than R-Truth, was not booked to lose the tag team titles before his suspension, nor was a replacement booked for him. That's a good indication that the writing team, Vince McMahon and Triple H won't hold this suspension against Truth. If someone in Bourne's position can keep hold of their tag team title whilst serving a Wellness suspension Truth should be fine.

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