Saturday 3 October 2015

NXTweet 30.09.15

Next week is a Takeover special and this episode was just shunting bits and pieces into place. I'll leave the lengthy chat for the Takeover review.

Kyle Edwards recaps the Dusty Tag Classic so far

Tweet 1: Going to squeeze in some NXT. May pause though. Don't like doing it but whatevs.
Tweet 2: Hot start with Kyle Edwards and his Tenth Doctor cosplay.
Tweet 3: Flashbacks to Michael Cole on Livewire.
Tweet 4: Pleased to see my boys Gability and 'The New Double J' getting a win.
Tweet 5: And Dash and Dawson, the Not-Mechanics, are still my picks to win.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor

Tweet 6: What's up with Carmella's dancing? Pubic lice?
Tweet 7: Actch promo from The Realest Lads. #treat
Tweet 8: Billy Gunn would be in the Hall of Fame right now if he'd spelt out his two words.
Tweet 9: Finn Bálor thinking his leather jacket is all that and a bag of snazz. Nah mate. Joe's towel is where it's at.
Tweet 10: I did like WWE's shameless pilfering of the Bullet Club font though.
Tweet 11: Corey, Joe's good but he doesn't move like a lightweight.

Unbeatable combo? Sure... for now!

Tweet 12: Imagine Big Cass getting pinned off an STO. Takes more than that to put down Kevin Nash's spiritual son.
Tweet 13: Who'd have thought Enzo and Cass would lose that?!

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa discuss their NXT careers then get interrupted by Tyler Breeze

Tweet 14: 'Sweet' Johnny G and 'Wreck-It' Tommy Champ.
Tweet 15: These lads being on NXT is still pretty surreal. Getting promos. Sharing the screen with Tyler Breeze. When did WWE adopt this approach pls?
Tweet 16: Apollo Crews v Johnny Gargano. Winner gets an EVOLVE championship match.
Tweet 17: Waiting for Ethan Page to run in.

Museum piece, apparently.

Tweet 18: "That drop kick belongs in a museum because it's a work of art" - Byron Saxton, confusing museums and galleries
Tweet 19: Hope Johnny Gargano starts calling this abdominal stretch the Johnny Abdominal because why not?
Tweet 20: Looking forward to Sami Zayn coming back and Triple Paul booking an ROH v WWN thing.
Tweet 21: The guy with the contract won? I'm shocked (I'm not).

William Regal, Emma and Dana Brooke backstage

Tweet 22: #Regalpop
Tweet 23: Emma and Dana acting like naughty school kids here. Lol stuff.
Tweet 24: "Looks like a high-heena" - Dana Brooke
Tweet 25: Regal showing two women a video of another woman grunting and making slapping sounds. Sexual harassment in the workplace!

Dana Brooke and Emma v Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Tweet 26: Dana Brooke. Now with added gloves.
Tweet 27: Heel Emma with her Heel Music and her Heel Gloves that don't cover her palms. She should've never been broken in the business!
Tweet 28: Third match in a row with obvious winners. The first two were good enough for that not to be an issue. Can this be too?!
Tweet 29: "Emma isn't my friend, she's my strategic ally."

Raw power.

Tweet 30: Peyton and Billie wearing matching gear, desperately trying to entice a women's tag division. I reckon NXT could handle it.
Tweet 31: "C'moooooooon!" - 'White Meat' Peyton Royce
Tweet 32: 'White Meat' got got by Dana's Alex Shane tribute.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable talk to Devin Taylor then get interrupted by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 33: JJ embracing his status as Jeff Jarrett's heir.
Tweet 34: Jamoke. Strong words, mate.

Tommaso Ciampa v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 35: Ciampa v Breeze. O rly?
Tweet 36: Assuming Breeze will win but it's the least obvious thing on this show so far.
Tweet 37: Ciampa being like "Breeze is stiff" though. FFS.
Tweet 38: Did I do a Tommy Penmanship gag last week? Think I did.


Tweet 39: Ciampa reveling in his stiff ring work here. Whaddaguy.
Tweet 40: Good match this. Ciampa getting built up is pretty cool.
Tweet 41: Barry and Big Terry have this tourney sewn up. Don't believe me? Ask 'em.
Tweet 42: Ending on a vid so I'm going to say that this show had some good hustle now. The video in question will obviously be great.

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