Saturday 28 February 2015

NXTweet 25.02.15

Rhyno last week. 'The' Brian Kendrick this week. If Triple H is serious about wanting NXT to be its own deal he's certainly going about it the right way. Having Alex Riley get jobbed out doesn't hurt either.


Tweet 1: Oh hi, everyone! I'm watching NXT. Why not join me?
Tweet 2: I remember when updating show intros were a big deal. WWE's so on the ball they can splice up something new pretty much every week.
Tweet 3: In a way it's good. But I miss the sense of it being a treat.

Bull Dempsey v Hideo Itami

Tweet 4: The announce team telling us how many weeks removed we are from the latest special. Is that to help them stay on top of what show they're taping?
Tweet 5: The BD logo on Bull Dempsey's singlet reminds me of the PWG logo. Deliberate?
Tweet 6: Probably not. I doubt anyone else sees it.
Tweet 7: "I don't know if Bull Dempsey's own mother likes him but he's definitely impressive to watch" - Tom Philips on Bull Dempsey's mother
Tweet 8: Mama Dempsey. There's potential in that character. Could be the new Mama Benjamin. Dare I say it, the new Judy Bagwell!
Tweet 9: Itami is one of Triple H's golden boys? Kliq stable of Itami, Zayn, Bálor, Owens and Neville. Book it.

Camera lag. Still making funny pictures in 2015.

Tweet 10: Yeah Itami kicks hard but he's no match for a selfie stick.
Tweet 11: The selfie stick is OVER, bro. Let's book a selfie stick on a pole match!

The return of Brian Kendrick is announced

Tweet 12: Main event is Bálor v Spanky? Saywhaaaaaat?!
Tweet 13: They're shilling for 'The' Brian Kendrick hard.
Tweet 14: Video package for him. Does this mean he's full time in NXT? I'd take that.
Tweet 15: I bet Triple H likes him. He's brought him back and he let him have that interim, definitely doesn't count reign as WWE champ that one time.

The Lucha Dragons v Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger

Tweet 16: Big fan of Dillinger and Murphy's generic tag team.
Tweet 17: I'm liking Solomon Crowe hacking the show but the singlet and leather jacket jars with the gimmick. Stick him back in that suit from 2013.
Tweet 18: Enjoying Dillinger doing stereotypical Japanese taunts to a Mexican wrestler.
Tweet 19: Dissension in the heel team. I'm gutted. Dillinger and Jordan were so good together.
Tweet 20: Recap of Jordan walking out. Why? It literally just happened. And nobody really cares.

Greg the Interviewer talks to Finn Bálor

Tweet 21: Greg the Interviewer alert!
Tweet 22: Bálor's concerned with his main event match against Kendrick. He doesn't have time for your games, Greg!

Tye Dillinger says he'll face whoever's scheduled to wrestle next

Tweet 23: Barry Corbin wearing a prototype Roman Reigns jacket there.
Tweet 24: Barry should start doing the End of Days and then applying a crossface. He always catches himself on the other guy's arm. Use that.

Devin Taylor talks to Charlotte

Tweet 25: Heavy on the blush there, Charlotte? Wooooooooo!
Tweet 26: Sami Zayn's on next week is he? I bet he's not in the ring. Because he was in Abu Dhabi.

Becky Lynch v Bayley

Tweet 27: A really over woman who's nailed her character versus a not over at all woman who doesn't have a character. It's Bayley v Becky Lynch.
Tweet 28: Flick your hair about all you want, luv. It won't make people care.
Tweet 29: I'll say this for Becky: her complete lack of character makes her easy to dislike and boo. Good for a heel.
Tweet 30: Maybe she's really smart and she's being so generic deliberately.
Tweet 31: Hair whip and a leg drop. Can't touch D'Lo's head wiggle leg drop.
Tweet 32: "WHO SUCKS NOW?!" Still Becky.

Submission. Specialist?

Tweet 33: Becky applies an armbar. Gets called a submission specialist. Lolwut?
Tweet 34: Not just extension. Hyper-extension.

Devin Taylor talks to Rhyno

Tweet 36: Why is Rhyno in NXT? Because he tuned in and thought it looked like a laugh.
Tweet 37: Also: intensity.
Tweet 38: Terry's still got it.

Jason Jordan dismisses a faceless, nameless interviewer (possibly Greg)

Tweet 39: JJ will explain his actions when he's ready. Or, in other words, when he's told what they are by the writers.
Tweet 40: And not a MOMENT before!

Finn Bálor v 'The' Brian Kendrick

Tweet 41: Leonardo Spanky v Prince Devitt with about ten minutes of match time. Should be good.

The jacket's seen better days but it still looks good.

Tweet 42: Owens is on commentary. It's making me hope they resurrect the gimmick where he does his own commentary on the microphone firing matches.
Tweet 43: Alex Riley's questioning is pathetic.
Tweet 44: I'm a big fan of detailed designs on wrestling gear. Kendrick's are very good.
Tweet 45: Why hasn't Riley been released? Actually why?
Tweet 46: "I'm a man" - Alex Riley
Tweet 47: Stop going all main roster and cutting away from the match to show us the commentary team. You're better than this, NXT.

80's high spot!

Tweet 48: Kendrick just hit a tornado DDT. I thought it was going to be a Blockbuster. Not gonna lie, I'm a tiny bit disappointed.
Tweet 49: The double stomp is a good finish for Bálor, yeah. But why not use Bloody Sunday? Because, y'know, it's better innit?
Tweet 50: "The only way to describe that is spectacular" - Alex Riley on a double stomp
Tweet 51: Ahahaha! Owens lobbed Alex Riley over the announce desk onto concrete. Good!
Tweet 52: Good episode. A-Ry getting clobbered was the best part.

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