Saturday 21 February 2015

NXTweet 18.02.15

New champion Kevin Owens wrestles Adrian Neville. Rhyno debuts and gets a roaring pop. Solomon Crowe debuts and gets polite applause. And, perhaps most importantly, Blue Pants makes her triumphant return to NXT.


Tweet 1: It's back to regular episodes of NXT this week. Which means tweets.
Tweet 2: Here come said tweets.
Tweet 3: They're being very thorough with this Rival recap.
Tweet 4: Enjoying Owens' power bomb-fest just as much second time round.

William Regal addresses Kevin Owens' title victory

Tweet 5: #Regalpop
Tweet 6: Regal is amazing in this role.
Tweet 7: Books and a John Lewis lamp in his office. Nice touches. The man's never out of character.

Kevin Owens promo

Tweet 8: Who's going to beat Kevin Owens for the NXT championship? My money's on Samoa Joe.
Tweet 9: Always like to think Owens' bull tatt is a nod to The Rock. It's probably not but still.

The bull tattoo cannot be seen in this picture.

Tweet 10: Zayn's the past. It's all about Bálor now. Get with the times, you squares.
Tweet 11: Owens predicting that Bálor will knock himself silly on a ramp and allow him to retain by stoppage there.
Tweet 12: Good chat. It was all true to the established character rather than being heelish for the sake of being heelish.
Tweet 13: Blue Pants had advanced to announced match graphics. Edging closer to a contract.

Rhyno v Elias Sampson

Tweet 14: Rhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynoooooooooo!
Tweet 15: Please bring in Cyrus as his manager.
Tweet 16: Commentary team immediately credit him with inventing the... hang on...
Tweet 17: Gore! Gore! Gore!


Tweet 18: He didn't. Ridiculous claim.
Tweet 19: He is no longer a rookie monster.

Devin Taylor interviews Finn Bálor

Tweet 20: Bálor talking about self opinions. Turn getting stared out by Rhyno.
Tweet 21: Is it too much to think that Triple H would acknowledge the SCUM connection? I'm going to go with yes.

The Vaudevillains v Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Tweet 22: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 23: Great use of "gentlemen grapplers" by Corey Graves there.
Tweet 24: Erm. What's that on Enzo's face?

Enzo. Mate. No.

Tweet 25: Loling about Carmella getting booed. Back in the Attitude Era she'd have been the reason Enzo and Cass were over.
Tweet 26: Why does nobody on commentary ever put over how manly Gotch is for not wearing kneepads?
Tweet 27: Cass is like a young Kevin Nash in there!
Tweet 28: Loving Blake and Murphy's toothless simpletons gimmick.

Generic interview man interviews Adrian Neville

Tweet 29: Discount Jeremy Borash having a chat with Adrian Neville there. He's called Greg apparently.
Tweet 30: He should become a sausage roll salesman. That's relatable. At least in Britain.
Tweet 31: Nev's going to do something "unforgettable" to Owens. Oo-er...

Bayley and Becky Lynch speak about losing out on the women's championship

Tweet 32: Bayley and Becky saying words there. Bayley was good to be fair. Becky was... just no.

CJ Parker promo, featuring Solomon Crowe

Tweet 33: CJ Parker. Such a lad. I love this character so much.
Tweet 34: Taking the show hostage. I'm laughing so hard at this.
Tweet 35: This is so early ROH.
Tweet 36: Oh no. It's that static. Who knew that would lead to a wrestler debuting?!

All CJ wants to do is spread love. He's surrounded by negativity.

Tweet 37: CJP's gimmick at this point is that he loses to indy darlings. I'm a fan of that. They could do something with it.
Tweet 38: That debut was less than amazing. And Crowe has been hitting the spray tan hard.

Sasha Banks v Blue Pants

Tweet 39: Sasha Banks. #feelings
Tweet 40: They've done so much with Blue Pants. Blue lighting. Blue name for the entrance. Cass humming the music.
Tweet 41: Why can't they do that for people who are actual contracted performers?
Tweet 42: Just going to put this out there: Sasha ain't ratchet.

Everybody taps.

Tweet 43: Blue Pants got Benoited.
Tweet 44: Sasha sends Greg scurrying to a corner. That just makes me like her even more.
Tweet 45: By baddest she means best. #clarity

Senior ringside doctor Chris Amann discusses Sami Zayn's health

Tweet 46: Is Chris's Amann this guy's shoot name?
Tweet 47: "Terminate" the match.
Tweet 48: Acknowledging that Zayn's gone on the overseas tour is interesting. They've said he'll be back soon but he would've missed the taping.
Tweet 49: So they're lying. That's very uncharacteristic of wrestling promoters.

Kevin Owens v Adrian Neville

Tweet 50: Quick start to this. I'll be amazed if they're not in rest holds within the next five minutes.
Tweet 51: Here we go. A chin lock.
Tweet 52: Come out of the rest hold, go to break. That's textbook WWE logic that is.

Two very good matches in as many nights? Owens has earned that title.

Tweet 53: "He's standing on Adrian Neville's head, how can you call that malicious?" - Jason Tensai
Tweet 54: That was a sexy little DDT from Nev.
Tweet 55: When was the last time a main event happened where guys didn't fight at ringside?
Tweet 56: 450 off the apron? They know this is just a TV taping, right?
Tweet 57: "Look at the strength!" - Rich Brennan on strength
Tweet 58: Reverse hurricanrana. They're doing it all in this match. I approve.
Tweet 59: Owens goes over with the pop-up power bomb. It was okay but I'd have preferred half a dozen again. Just to get over his love of the move.

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