Sunday 28 September 2014

NXTweet 25.09.14

Tweets about a very good episode of NXT. More next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Or blog. Whatevs…


Tweet 1: It’s NXTime.
Tweet 2: Undertaker being on the NXT intro video implies he started his career there. Kind of false advertising.

Mojo Rawley v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 3: Mojo Rawley should start referring to the Mojo Dojo. It could be like Mark Henry's Hall of Pain.
Tweet 4: Mojo Rawley is the Panda Pop of NXT. No name fake brand.

Stop! Stop! He's already dead...

Tweet 5: Bull Dempsey tapping his own teeth and shouting. That's main roster talent right there.
Tweet 6: Could Mojo Rawley look any more like a complete jobber?

Baron Corbin hype video

Tweet 7: Baron 'Sin City' Corbin there.

Tyler Breeze v Justin Gabriel

Tweet 8: Justin 'The Lunge' Gabriel. Why is he on NXT? Surely there are NXT guys who could have this spot.
Tweet 9: "C'mon, Breeze" - King of trash talk, Justin Gabriel

J-Gabe was a heel last week. He was a face this week. Pick a side, bro.

Tweet 10: Breeze should start telling referees to get his opponents out of the ring when he's won a match. Like Michaels allegedly did at 'Mania XII.

Natalya chats to William Regal backstage

Tweet 11: When Regal was GM of RAW he had an office. Times are tough on NXT.
Tweet 12: In fact, Dusty had an office. Why can't Regal use that? Maybe Dusty's still in there. Refusing to leave.
Tweet 13: Story point: Natty has begged for Regal to grant Tyson one more title match. Regal has, but it's Tyson's last shot.
Tweet 14: In other news, Natty called Regal sir.

Alexa Bliss v Bayley

Tweet 15: I liked Alexa Bliss's old music more.
Tweet 16: Sign in the audience: "I drove 900 miles to see Bayley." I don't believe that sign is true. #cynic
Tweet 17: Does Bliss remind anyone else of a young Samantha Janus?
Tweet 18: Bayley says she can't sleep because she lost at Takeover. The commentary team were just saying she'd bounced back from it. #awk
Tweet 19: Also, accidental Partridge. #BouncingBack
Tweet 20: Charlotte calling Bayley kid. Pretty lol.
Tweet 21: Charlotte cannot woooooo...

Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella at the Performance Centre

Tweet 22: "You're not exactly Diva hot" - Enzo Amore
Tweet 23: So Carmella being hot enough to distract Enzo was empowering, yeah? Okay...

Enzo Amore v Marcus Louis

Tweet 24: Remember that time Kurt Angle lost a hair versus hair match and wore a wig with ear guards on TV?
Tweet 25: In unrelated news Marcus Louis has lost a hair versus hair match and is wearing a wig and ear guards on TV.

Marcus Angle.

Tweet 26: Enzo dropping a bit of maths into his promo there. Steiner's gimmick, bro...
Tweet 27: Louis should have cut a promo about his hair miraculously growing back more luscious than ever. Because Angle.
Tweet 28: Renee says Enzo spends $500 a month on his cheetah hairstyle. I really want to believe that's a shoot.
Tweet 29: Louis' wig gets pulled off. Every WWE employee in the building reacts as if it's the most hideous sight in the world.
Tweet 30: He's just a dude with a shaved head. #BeAStar

Tyson Kidd talks to thin air about facing Adrian Neville

Tweet 31: Who was Tyson Kidd speaking to there? Was he talking to himself? Has he got a schizophrenia gimmick? They're always fun.

Sami Zayn talks to an interviewer about Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd’s title match

Tweet 32: Sami Zayn. Quintessential wrestling good guy. Lovely fella.

NXT tag team championship: The Lucha Dragons v The Ascension

Tweet 33: At one point the WWF were against the idea of Steve Austin having a T-shirt. Now The Lucha Dragons have one. Think about that for a moment.
Tweet 34: It’s The Ascension. #ROOOOOOAR
Tweet 35: Lord Tensai likes flesh on flesh...
Tweet 36: I'll say this for The Dragons: I like their blue and gold ring gear.
Tweet 37: "It's like watching a video game here. X, X, square! What's next?" - Jason Tensaison, talking gibberish
Tweet 38: This is probably the best Ascension match in months.

POW! Right in the kisser!

Tweet 39: Sin Cara is the odd man out in this match. He's the only guy who hasn't got a little apron attached to his tights.
Tweet 40: The Ascension's aprons make them look like blacksmiths.
Tweet 41: Kalisto's doesn't really make him look like anything.
Tweet 42: Rich Brennan definitely went to the Vince McMahon and Michael Cole school of commentary.
Tweet 43: "What athleticism!" - Rich Brennan, as I was typing the last tweet
Tweet 44: Konor gets distracted by Itami and Itami's music. Kalisto gets the pin. This finish only makes The Ascension look like idiots.
Tweet 45: And it was meant to protect them.
Tweet 46: Itami downing Konor with kicks didn't help them much either. On the plus side it makes Itami look pretty competent.

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