Sunday 9 March 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 45

So. Jim Cornette. As you’ll find out while listening to this episode I’m mostly against the concept of him. I understand that he’s accomplished booker and manager, and that he’s respected within the wrestling business. None of that matters to me.
His apoplectic outbursts towards anyone and everyone that’s ever fired him, for completely justifiable reasons, make him a hard character to warm to. As does his opinion that wrestling has had very little to offer since the dawn of the nineties. Everyone has their favourite eras of wrestling but to disregard everything as inferior, especially when you’re continuing to work in and contribute to the business is foolish, childish and irritating.
The Cornette shout-and-point. A classic
His approach to booking Ring of Honor is what really turned me against him. Seeing a company that was more about athletic ability and pure, technical wrestling than storylines Cornette decided that ROH would be the perfect promotion to try and revive the dated style and approach he loves. ROH, a promotion that had built its reputation on being ahead of trends, was not the right place for Cornette’s usual booking style, but he employed it anyway.
Not only that but he’s stated he saw nothing in Kevin Steen and El Generico. Despite this Steen was the most popular wrestler on the roster while Cornette was in charge and remains so today. Generico, on the other hand, was signed by WWE and is one of the most popular men in NXT. This, to me, proves Cornette does not have a good eye for picking out talent.
This argument is presented more coherently in the accompanying podcast. So give it a listen if you’re at all interested in what’s been said so far.

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