Sunday 16 February 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 42

How important are world titles in wrestling? Should a company always be built around a championship billed as a “world” title or can a case be made for Intercontinental championships or some other wording being more important? On a similar note does being given a world title reign really signify a wrestler as someone important these days? The same can be asked of long title reigns?

These are questions we attempt to answer in today’s episode of That Wrestling Podcast. Personally I think that the most tenured title in a promotion, no matter what it’s called or whether it’s a singles, tag or some sort of gimmick championship, is generally its most important. Having been in existence the longest it will almost certainly have been held by the most important people to pass through the company.

Would another title reign for D-Bry mean anything?
As for wrestlers winning world championships (something which obviously pertains to Daniel Bryan), I think it does matter. It can be a sign that the promotion the wrestler’s working for appreciates and recognises their work and popularity. It can also be used to enhance a wrestler, if the championship means enough.

And long titles reigns? I’ll always be a fan of those. The rarer championship changes are the more they mean. I think I feel this way because I started watching wrestling at a time when title changes were an almost weekly occurrence. The titles didn’t mean a huge amount because they weren’t presented as particularly meaningful. Over the years I’ve realised how much titles can mean to a wrestler’s standing form companies where they’re presented as more than trinkets. And, in fairness to WWE, they’ve improved a great deal with regards to title change frequency in the last fifteen years.

For more on this subject the obvious thing to do is press play.

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